Red Deer mother in tears as son taken to undisclosed isolation centre

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A Red Deer mom has told of her anguish after watching her son being detained at the Calgary airport, loaded into a van, and taken to an undisclosed isolation centre.

Rebekah McDonald was at the airport late Saturday night, hoping to welcome her son, Ethan, back to Calgary from Pheonix, Arizona.

McDonald hadn’t seen her son for two years.

But the joy soon turned to tears when her son was taken into custody for having what the Canadian federal government considers the wrong COVID-19 test.

“They are saying it’s not accurate and they are wanting to take him to a quarantine facility. They won’t let me talk to him. They won’t let me see him. They won’t come and talk to me. The border patrol services say they have nothing to do with it – they won’t tell me who has to do with it,” said McDonald in a social media video as she walked through the airport concourse.

“They won’t tell me who’s picking him up. They won’t tell me where he’s going. They won’t tell me anything.

“They say he doesn’t have a choice, that it’s the law. They say I don’t have the right to talk to him. They are taking him against my will and his will and I’m not okay with it. I don’t know what to do about it and I don’t know where I’m supposed to find him.

“I’m freaking out,” said McDonald, dissolving into tears.

In a bid to level off the number of COVID-19 cases being brought in by returning travellers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday upon their arrival back in Canada, they will be taken to an isolation facility and given another coronavirus test.

If testing negative after three days, they will be able to leave the government facility and finish the rest of their quarantine period at home. If positive, they are taken to another isolation location for the 14-day time frame.

In a later social media post, McDonald said her worries are being extended because the health officials in question don’t work weekends.

“I’m just angry now – there is zero accountability, there’s no questions asked, there is nobody you can hold accountable for this,” she said.

“I just want people to ask themselves what kind of Canada they want to live in. People fight long and hard for freedom and this just feels really wrong. It is really wrong.”

The McDonald case was at least the second one at the Calgary airport to cause anguish amongst families.

Edmonton Pastor Chris Mathews told of his terrifying experience at the airport Thursday night when he went to pick up his wife, Nikki.

She had been given the wrong test in Dallas and was whisked to the isolation centre after she landed at YYC.

The Justice Centre for Constitution Freedoms (JCCF) say they will file immediate court challenges to Trudeau plan saying it’s unconstitutional.

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard


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