‘Nothing should be kept secret’: B.C. First Nation asks court to order release of Site C dam safety documents

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Site C construction continues at an estimated cost of $3 million a day amid growing concerns about the stability of the dam and secrecy from BC Hydro and the B.C. government, which is withholding a recent status report on the over-budget project from the public.

The nation is also asking the B.C. Supreme Court to order the release of the government-commissioned Peter Milburn report on the status of the over-budget project, as well as all documents shared with two international safety experts who are reviewing a surprise “fix” to the dam’s stability issues proposed by BC Hydro.

“Site C is a public infrastructure project,” said Roland Willson, chief of West Moberly First Nations, which has a pending Treaty Rights case against the dam. “And everything should be above board. We should see all the information about what’s going on.  Nothing should be kept secret, especially when it has a possible effect on Treaty Rights.”

“They take their documents and then they go and hide behind closed doors and leak out little pieces of information that they deem fit to release. That’s not right.”

Tim Thielmann, legal counsel for West Moberly First Nations, said the nation is requesting a hearing take place within the next two weeks on urgent grounds and that the documents be released within seven days after the hearing.


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