Teal Jones seeking injunction vs. Fairy Creek Rainforest Forest Defenders

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Feb. 19, 2020 

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After 6 Months of Peaceful Protest Teal Jones is seeking an injunction Against Forest Defenders Protecting the Fairy Creek Rainforest

BREAKING; Early this morning one of the Rainforest Flying Squad’s forest defense camps protecting the eastern portion of the Fairy Creek Rainforest was notified by the company that Teal Jones is seeking an injunction against the peaceful Forest Defenders. This means that despite the opposition of tens of thousands of British Colombians the Teal Jones Group is seeking to forcibly clear-cut the last old growth forests in Tree Farm License 46. This is a massive yet not unexpected escalation by the company and will be met with resistance.


As the Rainforest Flying Squad takes a Last Stand for BC’s ancient rainforests, the pressure is now on Premier John Horgan to immediately implement the recommendations of the old growth strategic review and put an end to Old Growth Logging.

“Despite the will of the people and our moral imperative to preserve these places, Teal Jones is trying to clear cut these ancient forests, by force if necessary.” Said one activist with the Rainforest Flying Squad, “Just like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, we know that we are on the right side of history, and we know that we will win.”

Anticipating that the courts will grant Teal Jones an injunction against the blockades, the Rainforest Flying Squad is calling on the public to join them at Fairy Creek and to prepare to participate in a campaign of civil disobedience to defend the very last of Vancouver island’s Old Growth Forests

As they have from the beginning, the forest defenders continue to demand that;

John Horgan and the BCNDP keep their promise and immediately implement the recommendations of the old growth strategic review and end all old growth logging immediately.


Bobby Arbess is named as a defendant in the injunction – garbanzobob@yahoo.ca 778-700-2602

Kathleen Code is representing Fairy Creek legally – codekat999@gmail.com 250-418-5313

Additional Media Spokespersons:

Glen Reid (On the ground organizer) greidcan@hotmail.com 613 354 1349

Saul Arbess  – sarbess@shaw.ca 250-383-5878

Carole Tootil – carole@ezpost.cam 250-709-8834

Joshua Wright  – jawrighter@gmail.com 360-989-8076

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