The sleazily fluid covid vaccine narrative


By Gabriel Sinduda
February 19, 2021
Special to Not Your CBC NEWS


We’ve all heard of “changing goalposts” as a strategy for deceit, but this vaccine game is getting LOL crazy.

First they squeeze an extra dose out of each vial:…/pfizer-vaccine-dose-syringe…/

Then they change up the recommended wait-period for the second dose, willy nilly:…/feds-study-data-suggesting…/

Now–one dose as good as two!…/feds-study-data-suggesting…/

And more!
Where once Pfizer vaccines absolutely required special freezing conditions for storage
Now the Pfizer vaccines do not require deep-freeze storage after all.

And we’re expected to believe in such amorphous, shape-shifting “science”?

At this rate, I presume we will soon be able to order vaccination certification online, payment via PayPal.

      How can anyone but the daft and/or confused still believe this crazy tale?

Don’t enable their lies. Speak out.

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