How the Corporate Media Lie – without Lying

Covid Media National

By Jack Etkin
March 8, 2022

Here’s their story:

Order in place forcing B.C. health care professionals to disclose COVID-19 vaccination stat (Vancouver Sun, March 8, 2022)

I don’t think there are any lies in this Vancouver Sun story.  And yet the entire story is a lie.

I think the real story here is that ‘the people who run Bonnie Henry have been forced to back down.  And they have backed down “big time”.  But that isn’t mentioned in the story – because the Vancouver Sun doesn’t want us to know that.

What happened is this.  A few weeks ago Bonnie Henry threatened all health professionals in British Columbia that they had to be vaccinated by March 24 or they would have to stop practicing.  That order caused a LOT of stress and suffering and trouble.

But now the ‘order’ has changed.  Now all health professionals are ordered that by March 31 they have to tell Bonnie if they are … or are not … vaccinated.  And all of them – vaccinated or not – can keep working.  And if they don’t want to tell Bonnie if they are vaccinated, that is also okay.  And the reason things changed is because Everybody Lawyered Up.  And the people who run Bonnie felt they could NOT fight and win this case in a court of law.  So they backed down.

And that backdown is nowhere mentioned in The Vancouver Sun story.  And I’ll bet the vast majority of Canada’s Corporate Media will not report this backdown.  And they won’t report it because they don’t want people to know it.  And we would be wise to keep in mind that the corporate media ALWAYS operate this way.

But …  today’s backdown on Vaccine Mandates … this is a victory for everyone.  And we should celebrate it as such.


7 thoughts on “How the Corporate Media Lie – without Lying

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  2. The women is evil!
    And high on power!
    Many of 2,000.00 + deaths of
    opioids are thanks to unscientific
    mandates she dictated !


  3. They didn’t back down. 1. yes they didn’t want to have all their lies exposed in court but 2. this gives the BC government more time to write legislation needed to amalgamate the healthcare colleges where vaccine requirements can’t be challenged. Health professions act updated quietly in just in February to reflect this. Review of PIPA next week in March will also expose any areas in which they need to update to meet the goal. The BC government will destroy healthcare as we know if they are allowed to continue.

    1. That does sadly sound likely. Any evidence to back up this premise, or is it your gut sense? We’d be happy to share more readers. Thanks.

  4. This could be lengthy, a whole story, but let us keep it short. The American Medical Association, of Doctors, admits they kill, murder, through ineptitude, callousness, total incompetence, 300,00 persons per year. Kill, murder. Not, lose, forgo, can’t help. Those numbers are in the millions. You may assume Canada does the same at a tenth of those numbers; on average. However, there are doctors who will concede, emphatically, that the true number is 10 times that. So you are seeing now, on the surface with Covid, the dirty underbelly of the Canadian Medical System, franchise, fraud, mafia, the same. Bonnie Henry is the Wicked Witch of the West. Here in Ontario we have our own Wicked Witch of the East. That they are female is not a condemnation of women in general nor of women involved in health services, but, it is a wake up call to all women who really care for, in both respects, the health, the well being and long life of themselves, their children and their relatives. You are now slated for extermination and the process is well underway. Time to wake up. Time to belly up to the bar. Meanwhile, the men, mostly Doctors, know very well what they are doing and deliberately do it. Hang them.

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