BC Releases Inadequate Economic Plan, Teal-Jones Threatens At-Risk Species

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Fairy Creek Blockade
Thursday, March 10, 2022
Day 578 of Direct Action Protecting Vancouver Island’s Ancient Temperate Rainforests on Ancestral Pacheedaht and Ditidaht Territory
1,188 arrests to date (+ over 300 illegal “catch and release” detainments)


The NDP government recently announced BC’s Economic Plan that’s supposed to make life better for the people of this province. Somehow the irony of making climate commitments while simultaneously ignoring the pleas from experts to stop old-growth logging did not feature in this document. While they boast of “fewer raw logs shipped overseas”—a policy they should ban all together—their plan has no objective to preserve towering ancients, making every last shred of unprotected forest an open target for industry to destroy. Paragraphs of environmental platitudes suggest they’ve fixed their previous “short-sighted policies” but they continually disregard old-growth protection, hoping we, the public, won’t realise the impact of their poor decisions until it’s too late.

They even have the gall to reference tenure opportunities for Indigenous people and shared decision making yet these deals almost always exclude alternative revenue streams thereby forcing First Nations to log. What’s more, the decision making process was largely condemned by First Nations. A 30 day period to make a decision on deferrals is not nearly enough time to consult their communities and have a meaningful discussion about what true reconciliation should look like from the government. Meanwhile, the government coerces many of these community members into silence with the implied threat of “take the money we’re offering or you’ll get none. Is this what truth and reconciliation is supposed to look like?

View the full spiel of empty and short-sighted promises here: https://strongerbc.gov.bc.ca/plan

Be warned. It will make you angry.

Members of the public gave feedback to Teal-Jones last week for their proposed management plan that covers the area around Fairy Creek aka TFL 46.

“Why isn’t the information by independent researchers who discovered Marbled Murrelet nesting behaviour in TFL 46 contained within your report?” asks Dr. Briony Penn, who worked with the original Marbled Murrelet recovery team, and the original BC Resource Inventory Committee in the 90s.

This isn’t the first time that Teal-Jones has blatantly ignored biologists and researchers. In fact, their very livelihood depends on doing so. If they want to collect a paycheck for clearcutting old-growth, they have no choice but to destroy the at-risk species within. Meanwhile, the government gives them full reign to harvest this irreplaceable ecosystem, threatening the eradication of the Marbled Murrelet, Western Screech Owl, Oldgrowth Specklebelly Lichen, and more.

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