Covid Lies Now Being Disclosed in Mainstream Media

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March 13, 2022

It took a while, didn’t it? But finally we are beginning to see some blatant admissions in the corporate mainstream media. With undeniable evidence of pandemic fixes and deceptions mounting the world over,  it would appear the MSM are keen to relent, if not repent, in their own ways.

Let’s consider two examples, below.

Anthony Furey, columnist with the Toronto Sun, dropped this piece on March 9th:

Ontario has quietly revealed that the number of persons in the province whose death was caused by COVID-19 is much lower than the story the previous statistics told.

Dr. Kieran Moore didn’t even mention it at his morning news conference. None of the reporters participating in the press conference asked about it — they were too busy stressing out over the fact masks will soon be optional. But the numbers were right there in the government’s newly released documents.

What the data reveals is that, depending on the wave, the number of reported deaths where COVID-19 was actually the underlying cause of death ranged from about 75% to just under 60% of the previously disclosed numbers…

If you like, you can read the remainder of this article here.

Now let’s move from a provincial scenario to a global scenario, with this post from CNN which has been syndicated widely to feed also Canadian networks like our CTV.

As originally published March 11, 2022:

The Covid-19 pandemic may have been three times deadlier than the reported death toll suggests.

Researchers estimate in a new study that from the start of 2020 through the end of 2021, there have been at least 18 million more deaths than they would typically expect over the course of two years. But official reports through the end of 2021 show that less than 6 million people had died directly because of Covid-19, according to the study.

Some of this excess mortality may have been missed in official counts due to lack of diagnostic or reporting resources. But some may be attributed to other indirect effects of the pandemic, such as lack of access to health care, behavior changes during lockdowns or economic turmoil. There was not enough data to distinguish the cause of death…
You can continue reading this article here.
The above post references this peer-reviewed study, as published March 10, 2022 in The Lancet:

There is a good chance that many of you reading this now never got this news. Funny that.

In the meantime, would it be too much to ask for bold headlines and front page retractions?

The answer is yes. The corporate media does never repent.



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