Jack Etkin: Why I Don’t Believe the Official Virus Story

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By Jack Etkin
March 13, 2022

I think the official virus story is this:  “Covid is very dangerous.  A lot of people have gotten sick from it and a lot of people have died from it.  In order to protect ourselves and everyone else we have to wear masks, isolate, lock-down, and get vaccinated.  And we should do as our leaders tell us, because they really care about us and they really care about our health.”  I think that is the virus story we have been told for the past two years.

Here is why I haven’t believed that story from almost the beginning. It’s because I no longer trust the Media and the Politicians and the Government Officials who are telling me that story.  I used to believe them and trust them.  But now I don’t and I haven’t for a long time.  And I know lots of people feel the same way.  And all of us are coming at this from different directions and different places.

For myself, I have been in the environmental movement for a long time.  I’ve worked on logging issues, water issues, GMOs, climate change, food safety, fracking, organics, and etc.  And my record in the environmental movement is almost perfect …. I don’t think I have EVER been on the winning side on any of the issues I have fought for.

And one big reason we in the environmental movement always lose is that our enemies are too strong.   The Governments and Corporations we have to fight are too organized, too powerful, too wealthy, and etc.   The corporations seem intent on poisoning us all and destroying our planet for corporate profit.  And the governments and media always go along with them.  And in my decades of fighting them, I’ve come to see they are just about unstoppable.

So when these same groups … the corporations, the governments, and the media …  suddenly tell us that there is a deadly virus out there, and the ONLY thing they now care about is our health … well sorry but I don’t believe them because in my 30 years in the enviro movement … they have NEVER cared about our health.  That’s what I have seen and that’s what I have come to believe.  The politicians always put corporate profit ahead of public health.  So when they suddenly tell us we have to lock down, wear masks and get vaccinated to protect everybody’s health …. well I just can’t believe that.  I used to think they cared about our health, but I’ve learned the hard way that they don’t care.  From what I’ve seen, the only thing our .01% rulers care about is themselves.  Our health is just about the last thing they care about.

But what about our Public Health People, like Dr. Bonnie Henry and all the rest of them?  Surely we can trust THEM??  Well I have dealt with people in the Ministries of Environment and Forestry and DFO and etc.  And to my surprise I found they don’t work for the forests and they don’t work for the environment and they don’t work for the Fish or the Oceans.  Because if they did … they would be fired.  I’m sure the vast majority of these ‘public servants’ are very nice people … but they know very well that if they don’t do as they are told by the very corrupt people at the top, they will lose their jobs. I’ve spoken to a few people within the government who have tried to ‘do the right thing’ ... and it cost them their careers.

And our Public Health people are, unfortunately, exactly the same.  They are not there to protect public health.  For example, 50% of Canadians are going to get cancer because the corporations have completely poisoned everything.  And they have done that with the full approval and support of all our governments and all our public health people.  I mean, if our public health people care about our health, where have they BEEN for the past 50 years?

So  …  that is why I don’t believe the virus story we have been told for the past two years.  I don’t believe it because I know the people telling me the story are liars. I’ve seen that over and over with my own two eyes, and after a while I had to accept it … our governments and our media don’t work for us, the whole thing is corrupt.  I KNOW they are liars.  So I don’t believe them about the virus.

But just because the people telling us the virus story are liars, that does not mean their virus story is a lie.  But it DOES mean that we should not accept their story as the truth just because they say it is the truth.  We should not believe or trust liars.  That is just Common Sense 101.

And when I looked for other sources – sources outside of governments and media – I found a lot of experts who were questioning the entire virus story.

And these experts were saying the death numbers were being inflated by counting deaths WITH covid as being deaths FROM covid.  These experts said the PCR test is unreliable and cannot be used to ‘diagnose’ disease.  And I think they are right because the guy who won the Nobel Prize for creating the PCR test said the same thing … the test should NOT be used to diagnose disease.  (And he also said Fauci is an out and out liar.)  I followed the experts who said Covid can be treated with Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin and etc.  And I watched the known liars in our governments and media ridicule and censor these experts.  And threaten them.  And FIRE them.  And our rulers are so expert at this kind of thing that lots of very good people believe them … just as I also used to believe the media and our governments.  But I don’t believe them any more.   And I’ve now lost my job because I won’t let the Nazis who have taken over our country inject me with … whatever they want to inject me with.  And thousands of other people are in exactly the same boat … we are fired because we won’t let the corporations inject us with whatever they want to inject us with … all based on a story told us by known liars?  How did we ever get here?  Well our rulers are very good at controlling and manipulating us.  They control our public education systems, they own our media, and they run all of our big political parties.  And as I say, I used to believe it all but I don’t any more.

Now that is what I think.  Do I think I am ‘right’?  Of course I do.  Could I be wrong?  Of course I could.  But if I had to bet my life on it, I would bet that I am right.  And I have no problem whatsoever with all the good people who think the exact opposite of what I think.  If they honestly believe the opposite of me, I am fine with that.  But based on my lifetime of experience, almost 74 years, I can no longer believe our governments and our media.  And I know the corporations are liars and mass murderers and the only thing they care about is Power and Profit. That is what I have learned in my life.

So that is why I don’t believe the official virus story.  And I think my case could be argued very successfully in a court of law, with experts from both sides testifying under oath and good lawyers from all sides asking questions.  But THAT is not happening either.  And maybe we should all be asking … why not.  Why is there no ‘independent investigation’ of the whole virus story?

It’s been a very difficult two years for almost everybody. And now we are on the verge of War with Russia.  And we have Inflation.  And Higher Interest Rates are coming.  And who knows what else our rulers have got planned for us.

We should always be very careful before we trust our rulers on ANY issue.  I think that is something a lot of us could agree on.  Our rulers have done their best over the past two years to completely divide us and get us fighting against each other.  And they’ve been very successful in that.  But now maybe it should be OUR turn.  And if it is going to be our turn then we have to come together – and work together – and we have to ignore our rulers who have gotten us into the huge disasters we are now in …. and we have to try to save a future for us all, and we have to especially try to save a future for the planet itself and for all the future generations of all living things.

This is a time for Democracy and for Heroes and for Great Leaders …. and it’s a time when all of us to be at our best.  And I really hope we can do that.  This is an amazing moment in human history.  And we are the ones who are here.   Let’s be as wise as we can be.  And let’s be as honest and loving and unselfish and caring as we can be.  And as smart as we can be.     Let’s take on our rulers – and beat them – and get rid of them.  And let’s try to build the democratic and free society that our rulers always tell us we have.  But we don’t have it.  But we can have something much better than what we have now.

So let’s all do some great stuff together.


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