Former CBC 5th Estate Journalist: Covid “Experts” Failed At Everything

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By Trish Wood,
March 16, 2022
As published in Trish Wood is Critical

The pillars of the COVID-19 health response have crumbled to ash. Lockdowns, testing, death counts, vaccines, modelling — all of it has been useless or misleading, and frequently made things worse than if they’d done nothing but implement the standard pandemic plan of common sense public health measures to protect the vulnerable. Anyone who warned of this fiasco was smeared, de-platformed, fired and shunned but are now being redeemed by researchers measuring the actual outcomes. The hugeness of the screw up is hard to comprehend. People died of Covid-19 who shouldn’t have and people who didn’t get COVID died because of hysterical public health measures. There should be hell to pay.

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1 thought on “Former CBC 5th Estate Journalist: Covid “Experts” Failed At Everything

  1. Since I have yet to see the correlation, or connection, drawn vividly between Covid, zinc and death by ventilators/respirators, as I understand them, please allow me to do so with any corrections or explanations necessary left to Trish. You can force the lungs to expand and contract using ‘ambient air’, or even air with a high oxygen content, but without sufficient zinc, and cooperative nutrients, in the blood stream it is impossible for the cilia of the lungs to act in properly converting carbonic acid to carbon dioxide for exhaustion from the lungs. In this sense the ventilator patients were killed by carbonic acid poisoning, or, suffocation. They did not die of Covid OR any comorbidity. In my view they died specifically from malpractice. I would think that any nutritionist would get this concept and initiate the proper protocol. How could doctors and nurses NOT? Furthermore, zinc supplementation was rarely recommended by any ‘health professional’ in THE NEWS, and, where it was there was no delineation between zinc alone or bonded / chelated with cooperative amino acids nor only recommended in a natural state as found naturally in foods where you would expect it: ie. Rose Hips, Almonds, Pine nuts, etc. We could go a little deeper and talk about the diet of aged persons or humans in general. I believe it is around 350yrs since Thomas Willis named, identified the cause, and, provided the protocol for recovery and survival from diabetes. Yet we still feed hospital patients a VERY high percentage of sugar in institutional diets!!! At 60yrs of age I learned that my first food was not breast milk; it was glucose and water. That consumption of sugar and depletion, or complete absence, of zinc in the body is a precursor to diabetes and or pneumonia might be a reasonable assumption. I thank doctors like Dr. Mercola for his lifelong pioneering work in nutrition supplementation and wholeheartedly condemn the medical industry as it exists in the Western world today.
    I certainly hope that Trish, and NotCBC, will take this subject to a higher level of visibility.

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