Liberals, NDP, and CBC broker deal to support Trudeau government to 2025

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It looks like the powers that be intend to lock in their powers for now and forever. The Liberals buy the NDP and the CBC says it’s all good. Could this be the end of pretend democracy, for Canada?

By Vassy Kapelos
March 21, 2022
Originally posted at CBC News

The leadership of the Liberals and the NDP have reached a tentative agreement that would see the NDP support the Liberal government to keep it in power until 2025 in exchange for a commitment to act on key NDP priorities, CBC News has learned.

The so-called confidence-and-supply agreement still needs the support of NDP MPs who are meeting late Monday night, according to multiple sources who spoke to CBC News on condition they not be named due to the sensitive nature of the discussions.

The agreement would see the NDP back the Liberals in confidence votes, including the next four budgets. In return, the Liberals will follow through on some elements of national pharmacare and dental care programs — programs that have long been promoted by the NDP.

Sources say the agreement would also see the two parties collaborate on parliamentary committees, as well as some pieces of legislation.

The deal does not involve the NDP joining cabinet.

Sources tell CBC News that the Liberal cabinet also met this evening virtually, followed by the Liberal caucus.

In the Liberal virtual caucus meeting, which was marred by technical difficulties, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced questions from some MPs who were concerned about why the deal was needed without the threat of an election on the horizon, sources told CBC News.

Liberal MPs were not told the reason for the last-minute caucus meeting, sources said.

Under a “confidence-and-supply” agreement, an opposition party agrees to support the government on specific measures under specific conditions, and to not vote to defeat the government for a period of time.

British Columbia’s NDP government made a similar deal with the province’s Greens in 2017.

It differs from a formal coalition arrangement. In a coalition, typically, two or more parties share the responsibility of governing, with each party represented in cabinet.

Conservatives say deal is power grab

Sources say discussions between the two parties began soon after the September 2021 election. The Liberals reached out to the NDP to find a way to collaborate on policy and allow the Liberals to stay in power.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has scheduled a news conference for Tuesday morning to “discuss how the NDP is fighting for the help Canadians need to take care of themselves and their families.”

Conservative Leader Candice Bergen issued a statement late Monday saying the deal “is nothing more than a callous attempt by Trudeau to hold on to power.”

“This is an NDP-Liberal attempt at government by blackmail. Nation-building is replaced by vote-buying; secret deal-making over parliamentary debate; and opportunism over accountability,” she said.

“If this NDP-Liberal coalition stands, Canada is in for a very rough ride.”


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  1. It is irrelevant! Canadian Citizen rights were entirely eclipsed by the Notwithstanding Clause of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as clearly, fully and finally demonstrated last month. In 1984 changes in Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws resulted in the death of ‘Free Enterprise’ in Canada with construction of Mega Malls leased to foreign tenants and the outlaw, through legislative changes, of Artisans, Craft Fairs, Flea Markets, Street Vendors and small retail proprietors. Super Major Shopping Malls and National Multi Store Chains took over the commercial retail marketplace and rapidly rising rents blocked small independent merchants leaving only national and international chains able to afford the rents and taxes. Canada is now fully fascist and for confirmation one only has to look at Christia Freeland and Justin Trudeau attitudes to Fascist Ukraine. WW3 is on our doorstep, Global famine is just down the road, and if you want a Sandwich you better order it quick from WalMart online as they will be pulling out of Canada within months. Canada is now bankrupt financially and morally. All that is left is to send our children to fight and die in a wasteland called Nulandia; formerly Ukraine.

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