MD President of Medical Association criticizes Trudeau’s ‘unhelpful’ comments on unvaccinated

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There is limited scientific evidence for universal vaccine mandates, a medical expert has told the Commons health committee.

Mar 24, 2022
As published in the Toronto Sun

The president of a medical association says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s dismissal on the unvaccinated as a fringe group isn’t productive, according to a Blacklock’s report.“It was a uniquely unhelpful thing the Prime Minister did when he said that,” testified Dr. David Jacobs, president of the Ontario Association of Radiologists.“It was politically driven. It did not help anyone in the health care industry. It did not convince anyone to change their mind.”In January, Trudeau called the unvaccinated a “small fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.”He also described them as “people who wave swastikas” and unfit parents.“They are putting at risk their own kids and they’re putting at risk our kids as well. What about my choice to keep my kids safe,” Trudeau said in August

These are extremists who don’t believe in science. They are often misogynists, also often racists. It’s a small group of people that muscles in and we have to make a choice.”

Jacobs said the unvaccinated may be people “who are just simply afraid” and others who “looked at the research and disagree with the findings the majority of health-care workers and scientists have come to in terms of conclusions.”

“People who remain unvaccinated right now are very much a mixed bag of people. Name calling is not helpful,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs also questions vaccine mandates as conditions of employment and access to public services.

“In terms of mandates, yes, Omicron was highly contagious, and no, the vaccines didn’t do much in terms of preventing spread of COVID,” said Jacobs. “If it did it was minimal.”

“That takes away some of the need for a vaccine mandate except, except – and this is the big exception – what we saw in the hospital were patients who were immunosuppressed, elderly, so de facto immunosuppressed, and patients who did not receive a full vaccine regimen, they were the ones who were getting very severe COVID pneumonias.”


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  1. Justine Trudeau is an idiot at best and a maniac at worst. We shall see what the truth is soon. It is not a rare individual who believes Justine was sired by Fidel Castro in a side copulation with his mother or in a 3 way with Pierre included. In any case it is quite apparent that Justine is way more of a fascist than his father, a fervent socialist and capitalist, but quite up there with Fidel. As they say, the apple does not fall far from the tree.
    Canadians have to decide if they want free checks from on high or to work for a living and a life. You can be pretty sure the checks will be worth nothing when they won’t find anything to buy at Wally World.
    We, Canada, are in deep doo doo as I have been saying since 1970 when I first had a machine gun stuck in my face on Parliament Hill.
    This Freedom Convoy was really a bunch of Johnnies and Jills come lately. No matter, welcome to 1984.

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