Why is the City of Victoria flying a Ukrainian Flag?

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And what they have to say about it

By Janine Bandcroft
March 24, 2022
As published in Plant Powered Radio Blog

I was shocked to see a Ukrainian flag flying outside Victoria’s City Hall recently, so I wrote to Mayor and Council1 with the subject line “have we been invaded?”

One of the Councillors responded:

Canada has not been invaded but Ukraine has been. I stand against imperialism, war, and colonization wherever it occurs. For that reason, I support raising the Ukraine flag as a sign of solidarity.

Because I have the luxury of time, being in between paid employment opportunities, I spend a lot of time listening to independent online journalists. I understand that people are being completely misled by the corporate/state media (again, still). So I crafted a response to my elected representative, including sources I’ve learned to trust, and thought you might be interested:

I appreciate your concern for the citizens of Ukraine.  Like you and so many others, I am also opposed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  However, before we take the side of Ukraine, it’s important to understand that the democratically elected Ukrainian government underwent a coup in 2014, backed by western powers.  Their military now contains the openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion which was “formally incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard by the country’s Interior Ministry” and “founded by the openly fascist organizer Andriy Biletsky, who has vowed to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade … against Semite-led Untermenschen.”” This is also discussed in a video titled “The truth about Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.”

And Zelenskyy is no angel, he has recently banned 11 official opposition parties, and “consolidated all public television networks into one in order to make sure the Ukrainian people are receiving a unified message about the ongoing war.”

I suggest reviewing Oliver Stone’s documentary “Ukraine on Fire” for a historical perspective on the complex history in the region.

When we fly a flag, we’re not actually supporting citizens.  We’re supporting a government structure.  As you’re aware, not all citizens within a nation identify favourably with their governments.  So flying a flag doesn’t actually translate to supporting all the citizens within a geo-politicial region.

Also, consider the citizens of Yemen who are currently under invasion from Saudi Arabia, with help from US + Canadian weaponry.  Palestinians who are living under perpetual occupation from Israel, which has also recently been bombing the citizens of Syria again.

As much as I empathize with all the citizens of these many wars, I don’t think it’s ever wise to fly a foreign flag outside a government building on Canadian soil.  Traditionally, we fly a flag at half mast to express solidarity with loss. And sometimes remaining neutral is the strongest way to advocate for a peaceful solution. If you want to fly the Ukrainian flag outside your home, I think Canada is still free enough to allow you that personal choice.

Please share your thoughts, and your favourite independent sources!


If you send an email to councillors@victoria.ca it’ll go to the Mayor and all the Councillors.


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1 thought on “Why is the City of Victoria flying a Ukrainian Flag?

  1. That Councillor would have to be a complete idiot to not recognize nor understand that he is ‘standing under’ that flag and therefore is indeed, ‘in deed’, vacating his position as both Citizen and Servant of the Canadian Flag and Country; which is actually, only a very small but very profitable, part of the UK as we are majority owned through the church, banks, corporations and the foundational principles of our Governors, ‘govern-ers’, who literally rule over us with and by Military arms. Or, rather, own you and that Councillor if not me, as, I do not subscribe to the Canadian flag, even though born, and technically, a Citizen of Canada. Why? The Canadian Charter, of (NO) Rights and Freedoms as clarified within the Notwithstanding Clause which, apparently, has been activated by a secret order of the Privy Council, which is ruled by the Fascist Christya Freeland, and executed by the similarly Fascist, formerly socialist, Prime Minister Justine Trudeau/Castro.
    Whereby the powers, of the Government of Canada and all subsidiary governments, which similar power(s) I assume NOW extends to all UK governments worldwide, have actually suspended the rule of law, Common, and are now applying the rule of law, Admiralty and Martial. There is no other conclusion to be arrived at for this time period we are living in though not necessarily through. The Ukraine is quite admittedly Fascist, according to Zelensky who likes to wear the Nazi Fascist Swastika on his chest, just like the Teutonic Knights and too many other Fascist Organizations to name going back all the way to at least the time of Constantine and the foundation of the Romish Religion as we know it today. There is no separation between Church and State in any Legal Country on earth that I am aware of. That they would choose to use Victoria (the Goddess) (Nuland must be so pleased), the Capital of the Fascist State of ‘British Columbia’ to launch fascism in Canada only makes sense. For anyone to make that choice personal is really the equivalent of committing suicide. Freedom of choice, right? Enjoy!

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