Persecution of the Freedom Convoy continues

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“Killers and rapists are being released from prison and people who organized a peaceful protest against an insane COVID-19 vaccination policy are looking at five years behind bars?”

As published in Western Standard

What a coincidence! Within days of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declaring the Freedom Convoy participants, “cynical populists” who are eager “to exploit” the masses, the Ottawa police have laid a whack of charges against the convoy leaders that could land them in jail for years. Tamara Lich and Chris Barber are now jointly accused of mischief, counselling mischief, intimidation, counselling intimidation, counselling obstruction of police, and obstructing police.

Just this week, Trudeau spoke to the European Parliament and after cynically first invoking the Emergencies Act, cynically revoking the Emergencies Act, and cynically propping up his minority government with a Liberal-NDP pact, had the nerve to call the working class truckers of the convoy cynical.

“They pretend to have easy solutions that play on people’s fears. Even in Canada, where 90% of people are vaccinated, and our motto as a country ‘peace, order, and good government,’ we saw anti-vaccine and anti-government protest evolve into illegal occupations of our communities and blockades of our borders,” said Trudeau, who accused the Freedom Convoy leaders of being “effective in turning citizens with real anxieties against the system best suited to allay those concerns.”

Pat King, is also facing new charges after appearing in court Thursday afternoon.
King is still sitting in a jail cell in the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre and is now facing 10 charges along with a co-accused, Tyson George Billings. These include two counts each of intimidation and obstructing police.

The OPP, apparently thinking or wanting to believe the truckers were harboring firearms, bombs or nuclear devices actually told a Parliamentary committee that the Freedom Convoy constituted a national security threat. Not even a gun was ever found. What a joke.

Killers and rapists are being released from prison and people who organized a peaceful protest against an insane COVID-19 vaccination policy are looking at five years behind bars? Some of the protesters are still dealing with frozen bank accounts and can’t find employment. Their lives are destroyed and the system doesn’t give a damn. Certainly the prime minister couldn’t care less if they live or die.

It is impossible to directly link this latest spate of charges to Trudeau because Ottawa’s overzealous interim Chief of Police Steve Bell does not report to the prime minister but to the equally overzealous Mayor Jim Watson, who was so obsessively upset by the sight of bouncy castles on Wellington Street. Bell may remind you of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini but he is only carrying out his promise to compulsively punish every participant in the Freedom Convoy to the fullest extent of the law no matter how long it takes and far how he has to go.

But Trudeau, as the leader of the country sets the judicial tone and his tone has been completely irresponsible. He never apologized for calling working class protesters Nazis or for suggesting a Jewish member of parliament was standing with Nazis. He didn’t say he was wrong for freezing bank accounts and expropriating trucks and sending blue collar families into poverty. No, he went further, not even having the common sense to know how stupid he looked on the world stage, he stood in front of the European Parliament and talked about how much he loved democracy while labelling these downtrodden protesters as a bunch of cynical opportunists.

The man has no shame, no remorse, no decency, no dignity, no sense of basic goodness.
And his message to his allies his very simple: keep kicking my political enemies while they’re down.


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