Watch: Compilation of Liberal/NDP MP Lies & Smears Re. Ottawa protestors as arsonists

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The Ottawa Police Service has cleared the Freedom Convoy of involvement in a highly-publicized arson attempt in an apartment building while protests were still ongoing throughout the city. 

According to a Mar. 21 press release, one 21-year-old man named Connor Russell McDonald was charged for his involvement. 

“A man has been charged in relation to a deliberately set fire in an apartment building on Lisgar Street on February 6, 2022. A second man is still wanted by police,” Ottawa Police wrote. “There is no information indicating MCDONALD was involved in any way with the Convoy protest which was going on when this arson took place.” 

Did you hear about that? Maybe not. Because no admissions or retractions or apologies have been made by any of the countless MSM news outlets and Canadian MPs who used this premise to slander the protestors and spread hate on the Freedom Convoy.
Victoria NDP MP Laurel Collins was among the worst of the batch, repeatedly using this lie to compel the public to hate on the Freedom Convoy. Laurel, like others, also suggested that protestors threatened rape–and yet no such charges were ever laid, to date.
There’s more. The media made spectacular accusations of possession of firearmsaccusations which were eventually dismissed by the Ottawa police, as well. But still no admissions or retractions or apologies.
Now we know that these lies and deceits were used to convince the general population that the Liberal’s Emergencies Act was warranted, to put an end to the ‘dangerous occupation’ that was the Freedom Convoy Protest.
They would like us to forget and move on, but thanks to Cosmin Dzsurdzsa of True North we have this compilation of lying MPs on the record. Given what we know now, have a watch of these MPs to see how they look when they speak and lie at the same time. As originally posted to Twitter:

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