No Time for Complacency: Howard Breen’s Hunger Strike for the Forests



Howard Breen, a Nanaimo-based activist, known most recently for his leadership role with a local chapter of Extinction Rebellion, initiated a hunger strike on April 1st to raise awareness of the crisis of industrial extraction of the last remaining old-growth temperate rainforests in British Columbia.

A message from Howard:

‘This strike is very personal for me. We’ve been sucked into this fight, but I have a better reason than many to be in this struggle. In hindsight, I feel being a former lifelong NDP member and supporter, I definitely feel remorse and some responsibility for the liquidation of our old growth forests. I believe it would be extremely politically reckless of Minister Conroy to reject our overtures to meet given our organizational outreach.

To be sure, this hunger strike plays an important additional role in helping us understand what’s at stake with forest carbon sink liquidation, leading to climate collapse. The last few years in BC has been a sobering five alarm emergency of heat dome deaths, clearcut-induced landslides, forest droughts and mega-wildfires, the Fraser Valley floods, unprecedented glacier melt, and the complete destruction of the town of Lytton. Climate breakdown has turned some of our cities and towns into the hottest furnaces imaginable. I myself had to help one of my daughters evacuate her Ladysmith farm livestock from perishing during last summer’s early Mt. Hayes wildfire here on Vancouver Island.

Undertaking the hunger strike, I can easily stretch my mind to imagine the prolonged hunger that my children and grandchildren will endure if we don’t take immediate action on climate breakdown. I think we’ll agree: It is not a place we want to go.

Watch to his appeal, as posted to facebook:


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