The Real State of Canada – What Chrystia Freeland and the New Budget won’t tell you

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In my opinion, the reality of Canada is very different than what we are always told by our Corporate Media and Corporate Politicians.

By Jack Etkin
with Gabriel Sinduda
For NYCBC News

What we are led to believe is the story of Canada as a Great Democracy.  But what I have come to believe is that Canada is actually a Corporate Dictatorship.  We are in no way a democracy, instead Big Business and the .01% control all our top politicians and they control all our big political parties.  Our governments don’t work for us – our governments work for ‘them’.  Them being the .01%.  And because we are a Corporate Dictatorship, that’s why the forests are all being cut down.  That’s why our food, which should be ‘safe’, is contaminated with hundreds of chemicals and toxins.  It’s why taxes for the rich keep going down, while taxes on the rest of us keep going up.  It’s why half of all Canadians will get cancer.  It’s why housing in this country is becoming unaffordable for many.  All of these things make sense once we accept that we live in a corporate dictatorship.  The .01% want all these things, and so we have them … while we think we live in a democracy that for some reason can’t give us what we want?

The .01% also own all the big media; our television networks and radio stations and daily and community newspapers.  And books and movies and music and magazines, online news platforms, video games, etc.  And Facebook and Twitter and Youtube.  A very small group of people own all of these things, while we think we have a free press because that’s what ‘they’ always tell us.  It’s like we accept what they tell us, instead of looking around and trying to figure things out.

Democracy requires a free press … and that is exactly why Corporate Canada owns all the big media.  Have a look around and consider the state of this “democracy”.  As one example, pollsters have repeatedly found that about 80% of Canadians would like GMO foods to be labeled.  In some U.S. states and in many other countries around the world they have taken to labeling GMO foods but Canada refuses to follow suit and moreover it’s never even talked about.  Why is that?  The sad fact is that our expressions as Canadians are totally irrelevant; our rulers don’t care for one second what we want.  Our rulers want GMO foods, and they don’t want them labeled, and so that’s the way it is.  And the same is true about so many things in our society.  Did any of us ever vote for homeless people to be desperately roaming our streets?  Did we vote for our children’s futures to be destroyed so that corporate profits could be maximized?  No, we don’t get to vote about these things, these decisions are made for us by our .01% ruling class, and what they want is what we get.  What we want is irrelevant.

For most of my life I believed the whole official story.  I believed it all … from the war in Vietnam to the certainty that our food was safe to eat and that of course we could trust the government to make sure our lives and our health were being protected in every way possible by the good and honest people in our public service.  I believed our governments did their best to work for us and on our behalf.  And I believed that the media were there to watch over our governments on our behalf and report the truth about what was going on…and all the people in the media were concerned for us and our well being.  I believed all of that.  And so I don’t fault anybody who believes it now.

But we do learn a few things as we go through this life, and one of the things I’ve been lucky enough to learn in my almost 74 years on this planet is that what I totally believed in the first half of my life was a complete pack of lies; lies put forward by a professional class of liars and phonies in our governments and media who never cared about any of us for one second, but who worked only for the benefit of our .01% ruling class.  I sadly found out that our ruling classes were willing to lie and cheat and even commit mass murder when ordered to do so for the benefit of our corporate rulers.  And when I say commit mass murder I mean it … as I said above, 50% of all Canadians will get cancer, and millions of us will die from those cancers, and we are getting those cancers because our rulers have poisoned all of us and poisoned our air and food and water … so they can make more money.  Millions of us will get sick and suffer and die so that corporations can make more money.  And one of the main jobs of ‘our media’ is to make sure that we don’t know or don’t care that they are poisoning us every day and in every way.

So, is Canada the democracy they keep telling us we are?   Do we have the great ‘free press’ or ‘open media’ they tell us we have?  These are questions that should be discussed and debated across our country.  And they should lead to a revolution.  And maybe that kind of discussion would happen if we were a democracy and if we had a free press.  But we are a very long way away from anything like that.  Instead the Corporate Dictatorship grows ever stronger, and we, for the most part, have little to no idea of the reality we live in… Too bad for us all, and especially too bad for all the young people of today whose futures are being murdered by our totally insane corporate .01% rulers.

The NDP-enhanced Liberal budget that will be released today by this corporate class of political incumbents will only confirm all that I have proposed above.  “To focus on the soaring cost of housing,” the headlines read. Corporate developers sure to get their pockets lined. Watch for increased military spending. The price of a down-the-road dental plan for Canadians? And increased corporate welfare to support industrial punishment of the Earth in the name of Energy, no doubt. Oh and that proposed wealth tax (that’s a good one) that won’t likely manifest in any form resembling reality.

We have got to get rid of these people before they destroy everything … and step #1 in that process is for us to come to grips with the reality of what Canada is.  And what Canada isn’t.

Can we do that?


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