Can We Trust the Media’s Reporting on Russia and Ukraine?

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By Jack Etkin
For NYCBC News

In a word … No. Canadians should absolutely not believe what Canada’s corporate owned media are telling us about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The very same word applies to our very own Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: No.

This war is a disaster for the people of Ukraine. It’s also an environmental disaster which is poisoning entire cities and I’m sure the poisons are spreading around the entire planet. It’s also a disaster for all the soldiers on both sides because modern weapons of war are so toxic and poisonous that anyone exposed to them will pay a price just for being around these horrible things. I’ll also say this war could have easily been avoided if The Western Powers and Russia and Ukraine had been willing to negotiate a way out of the war before it even began. There was no need for this war to have ever happened, and no one is paying a heavier price for this war than innocent people in Ukraine.

But can we believe the stories that fill the corporate media daily about this war? Can we believe what ‘our’ media are telling us? No we can’t. Our Media lie to us every day about all of the important issues. We know the media lie to us all the time, and believing people who have lied to you before is not a wise thing to do at any time. It’s also true that OUR media is not OUR media. We don’t own the media and it doesn’t work for us. Canada’s Corporate Media, including CBC, are owned and controlled by Corporate Canada. The “journalists” who work in the media .. the people we see every day on television or hear on radio or read in the newspapers or online … these journalists do not work for us. They work for a number of large corporations, and all the journalists know that f they don’t do what the corporations want, they will not be working for that corporation tomorrow. That is true of the people at The Globe and Mail and every other newspaper in Canada, and it’s true of all the people we see every day on CTV and Global and CBC, and it’s true of the people on radio and etc.

Now if you ask these journalists, they always answer … “Nobody ever tells me what to say.” And that may be true. But it is only true because all the journalists already KNOW what they have to say and they know that if they say the wrong things they will lose their job immediately. And that my friends is the state of Canadian journalism in Canada, today. All the big media are completely and totally controlled – on all important issues – by a handful of large corporations, and if we Canadians think that those corporations care for one second about truth or integrity or news or justice … then I would suggest that we are wrong. Just as the banks and the oil companies and the chemical corporations don’t care for one second if we live or die … the media corporations are exactly the same.

The job of the corporate media is not to be a free press, they are there to be a corporate propaganda machine and that is exactly what they are. The media don’t care about the news or the truth, or about balanced coverage of important issues and they don’t care about informing or educating the people of Canada so we can make intelligent decisions in our own best interests. The media are not there for any of that … they are there to ensure that the people who own the media – our .01% Ruling Class – the media’s job is to maintain their wealth and their power, and right now blaming Russia for everything is clearly part of that plan, so that is what is happening and any ‘corporate journalist’ who doesn’t go along is not going to be a corporate journalist for very long. And then the journalist and their family will be on the street; so that is the kind of decision our ‘journalists’ have to make every day and I for one don’t blame them for doing what they have to do to take care of their families.

But we should never believe them or trust them because that would not be a wise thing for us to do. Now, do the media lie to us? Are they lying to us about what is going on in this Russian invasion of Ukraine? Well, yes they are and no they aren’t, and that’s the beauty of how the media operate. If CBC has 10 experts on who all tell us how Russia is evil … is the media lying? Well not really, they are just letting these experts speak. Now the experts may be lying. And the experts may be getting paid by groups and organizations like The National Endowment for Democracy or the CIA, neither of which care about democracy or truth for one second … but the media aren’t lying, they are just ‘choosing’ who we will have a chance to see and what opinions we will get to hear. But when the media only allow us to hear ‘the official story of which they approve’ and they refuse to allow other voices to be heard, they the media ARE lying. In a court of law it is ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’… and our media never give us that. They give us only The Corporate Truth and they give us only what they want us to know.

And that is very dangerous for us.

Now all of this that I have written here does not mean that the media are lying to us about Russian and Ukraine. Maybe they are telling the truth. But I know they have lied to me my whole life. They lied about the Vietnam War where millions of innocent people were murdered by the lunatics who run the USA. And they lied to us about the wars that devastated Central and South America for decades … wars of aggression carried out by the lunatics who run The West, but always presented as …. we are fighting for truth and honor and democracy. And I believed it all. But I certainly don’t believe any of it any more. The people who run the United States have just finished destroying Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria and Yemen … millions of innocent people murdered, millions more injured and paralyzed and burned and traumatized … and all of that was somehow okay. Did Canada ever impose sanctions on the people who run the USA? Did we arm the innocent people who were being murdered by Amerika? Did our Prime Ministers call any American Presidents War Criminals? Of course not. And our so-called legacy media supported all of those wars and contributed to the murders of all those innocent people. That’s quite a legacy.

So now, when the media pretend to care about the Ukrainian people, we can be sure of one thing… the media don’t care about the Ukrainian people for one second. And if we think they do, then the .01% owners of the media will have us right where they want us, they will be laughing all the way to the bank, just as they always do. We Canadians should not believe the corporate media, we should destroy it and replace it with The Free Press that we think we have, but which we don’t have. We desperately need a free press in Canada, that is something that we should be fighting for. , Because we certainly don’t have a free press in Canada now, and that is a very dangerous position for us to be in.

But if you look around, and avoid the corporate news traps and bubbles, lots of good people are trying to get the real news out. Like this interview, with Jim Richards, in which he provides his latest analysis on the Russia-Ukraine situation. Jim goes back through the history of this conflict, and gives his explanation of what ‘winning’ this war will look like. Unlike the parade of Ra-Ra war stories you will find streaming now everywhere on mainstream media, this commentator provides us instead with informed and nuanced insights into current developments around this devastating proxy war.

You can watch it here:

1 thought on “Can We Trust the Media’s Reporting on Russia and Ukraine?

  1. All that is written above is important, relevant and true. I vouch for it wholeheartedly.
    The only caveat being that: Russia wants to retain it’s own sphere of influence, which it is doing a great job with, but, the likelihood and ramifications of war between Russia and NATO are too wicked to consider.
    However, they appear imminent. At the door.
    In my view we are way past any potential hiatus.
    Prepare for the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
    At the same time, consider that this is not the greatest threat to the human species. The greatest threat to every army, navy, air force, space farce, is always the weather.
    The weather has turned against the human species to a degree likely to produce an 80-90% reduction in living humans. This is why China has commandeered global food stocks far beyond their contemporaneous needs. It was Trump and Trudeau who sold us out of stock on all major grains.
    If nothing else; imagine burying the bodies from starvation!
    If something else; imagine, what can we do?

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