Creeker Volume 1: The Inside Scoop on the Fairy Creek (Ada’itsx) Blockade

Earth Read

This is a most remarkable archive-slash-compendium of stories and impressions and artworks and criticisms and heart-on-the-sleeve tales from many of the significant players in the Fairy Creek campaign to blockade old-growth logging in British Columbia. Detailing their strategies, their struggles, their wins and losses, their philosophies and their emotional outflows, a typical reader can only come away impressed by this communal fabric of devotion that stretched to take on a treacherous task, nothing but up-hill work, all the way. And unpaid, yet.

The Fairy Creek movement would become the largest and longest campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience in Canada. Efforts to enforce legislative boundaries to protect the very last remaining 4% of such old-growth ecosystems continue, desperately, to this day.

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