Pfizer Vaccine Safe for Kids? Health Canada Takes Pfizer’s Word

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Canada’s governments trust criminal corporations around children’s safety

By Jack Etkin
With Gabriel Sinduda
For NYCBC News

The British Columbia government has for months run television and radio ads saying “Covid Vaccines are Safe For Children”. And safe for the rest of us as well. The Government of Canada says the same thing. But there is no scientific basis to say these vaccines are safe. Our Governments and Public Health Officials are lying to us when they say these vaccines are safe.

Our Governments can perhaps say …. ‘We think these vaccines are safe’ … or ‘We hope these vaccines are safe’. Those could be considered fair comments. But to say Covid Vaccines are safe – especially for children – that goes far beyond the current science and reality. The government cannot tell us that Covid vaccines are safe – because there is no scientific ‘proof’ of that.

Pfizer does the studies

The British Columbia government bases its comments about Vaccine Safety on approvals given by Health Canada. The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control tells us: “Health Canada has a thorough approval process that ensures the safety of the many vaccines and medicines we take routinely. This rigorous process is followed for all vaccines approved for use in Canada.”

But ….. Health Canada does not do its own research or studies. Health Canada bases its approvals on studies done by Pfizer and other vaccine manufacturers. I made several attempts to get in touch with Health Canada, to ask them this simple question:

When Health Canada approved the various Covid vaccines as safe, did Health Canada do its own testing (for example, double blind studies), or did Health Canada only review the science provided by Pfizer and other vaccine providers?

Here is the response from Health Canada:

———-    ———-    ———-     ———-    ———-    ———-


Health Canada evaluates drugs and vaccines before they can be sold in Canada. We also monitor real-world evidence while they are on the market.

When a company decides it would like to sell a drug or vaccine in Canada, it files a submission with Health Canada. A new drug submission contains detailed scientific information about the drug’s safety, efficacy and quality.

Health Canada scientific reviewers evaluate data to assess the potential benefits and risks of a drug or vaccine. They also review the information that will be provided to health care practitioners and consumers about the product. After the review, we may authorize the drug or vaccine for sale in Canada only if the benefits of the product outweigh the potential risks.

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We know that a lot of questions have been raised – by experts – about the validity of Pfizer’s own studies. Also, we know that in 2009, the U.S. Department of Justice imposed a fine of $2.3 Billion on the Pfizer Corporation for fraudulent marketing. This was the largest penalty for health care fraud in U.S. history at the time. But now Health Canada and all our governments accept ‘research and science’ done by this criminal corporation – Pfizer – as the basis for mandating these vaccines for Canadians by the millions. And the Corporate Media never mention Pfizer’s criminal past.

Furthermore, there is little reason to believe Health Canada is interested in protecting the Health of Canadians when that protection interferes with Corporate Profit. Health Canada – and our governments – have told us for years that the Monsanto pesticide Roundup is safe, when it has now been found conclusively to be carcinogenic. This carcinogenic toxin is now a fixture in our food system. There have been thousands of lawsuits – and billions awarded by juries – in lawsuits against Roundup. But Roundup is approved for use by Health Canada, and the Trudeau government wants to allow higher levels of Roundup into our food; because Big Business wants that.

Our Governments told us for decades that asbestos was safe – even when they knew it wasn’t. Health Canada told us for years that Trans Fats were safe, and allowed trans-fats to be widely used in our foods when they KNEW the dangers but put corporate profit ahead of public health. Trans fats cause diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, etc … many hundreds of thousands of Canadians were injured and killed by trans fats, but Health Canada said they were safe until a few years ago. Trans fats were allowed in Canada for years after they were banned in many European countries. That is how much Health Canada cares about our health.

Health Canada allows lead – which is toxic in any amount – to be used in lipsticks. And we recently found out that lead levels in the drinking water of many Canadian cities were higher than the levels in Flint Michigan. Our governments and our public health officials knew about that for years but saw no need to tell us, the people whose health they always pretend to care so much about.

Health Canada says GMO foods are safe. Farmed salmon are safe according to Health Canada. While some countries like Argentina have decided to ban farmed salmon. Why is that? We don’t get answers to questions like that from Health Canada.

Electromagnetic radiation and 5G are safe according to Health Canada, which allows Canadians to be exposed to some of the highest radiation levels in the world – while thousands of scientists and experts tell us this radiation poses tremendous dangers for us. Johnson and Johnson – which makes its own Covid vaccines – knew for decades that there was asbestos in their Baby Powder. And they did nothing while people got sick and died. All approved by Health Canada. More recently, Johnson & Johnson was preparing $3.9 billion for talc settlements. If they can’t get away with bankruptcy, first.

And the corporate media knows about all of this and hides the stories because they work with our governments to protect not our health, but to protect corporate profit. And it would be naive to think the Covid vaccines are any different. Our Politicians and Public Health Officials should know that it is virtually criminal to call these vaccines safe when that safety is based on corporate research carried out by criminal corporations. And even if this research were carried out to the highest standards, mistakes can be made and so even in a perfect world, we must always proceed with caution. Especially when it comes to an experimental, and under-tested pharmaceutical product that is to be injected into our children’s arms.

But our governments don’t seem to care about any of that. Clearly, word has ‘come down from above’ that everyone must get vaccinated, and our governments and media are making that happen. A LOT of people have been injured by the vaccines, and those injuries are kept well hidden. Thousands of health professionals – and other workers – are fighting to keep themselves from being forcibly vaccinated with these experimental concoctions. All while our governments use their newly enhanced dictatorial powers to threaten and attack these people, and the media hide the truth and report only that ‘we are now in the 6th wave’ and how we should ‘keep wearing masks’ and ‘get our boosters’.

It is important to remember that our governments and media don’t care about our health. We can say this based on their records over the past 50 years. They have lied to us about many things and we have to consider that maybe they are lying when they say these vaccines are safe. It is unwise and very dangerous for us to believe anything that is dictated by our governments and media. That is a tragic situation, but it is, sadly, the truth. What we really need is to test all of this in a court of law, with experts from all sides, testifying under oath, and with good lawyers on all sides making presentations and asking questions. Only then will we have a situation where we can hope to begin to try and find the truth. But when our governments tell us that these vaccines are safe, that is most certainly, at this point in time, not true.

4 thoughts on “Pfizer Vaccine Safe for Kids? Health Canada Takes Pfizer’s Word

  1. “After the review, we may authorize the drug or vaccine for sale in Canada only if the benefits (read: profits accrued to the fascists who work hand in hand with the govern’ment’ [mint]) of the product outweigh the potential risks.” Mint and ment come from Moneta, Goddess of the Temple in Rome who minded the Vatican’s money. Still does. Unto death!

    The Government is there in place to make a profit from your life and death. Period!
    Anyone who works for the government is involved in, legalized/lawful, larceny at best and murder at worst.
    There is no other legal or practical perspective possible when the facts, and results, are examined.
    Again, as in the case of Mercury amalgam used in teeth repair, so thimerosal containing Mercury is used in Vaccines regularly. Worse than garbage, vaccines are poison. We, most of the world after the model of the Rockefellers and others, do not have a health system by any literal definition.

    Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, is one of very few works of fiction to have exposed a centuries old profiteering enterprise found in Medicine. It cannot even be directly compared to Undertakers or Embalmers. Is it a coincidence that Mary’s mother died of puerperal fever resulting from an infection caused by an inept, stupid, ignorant, careless physician at the time of Mary’s birth?
    Puerperal fever killed 80-90% of mothers in many birthing wards for centuries through the criminal negligence of Doctors. Truly, it would not be a stretch to say that Doctors make me puke, at the least.

  2. Snake Venom in Vaccines??? I don’t know, ask Mike Adams!
    I have not had a vaccine since childhood. Those were quite enough to fuck me up for life. How about you?

  3. Vaccines cause blindness daily?
    Certainly the use of only N,P,K, as minerals for fertilizing crop fields, is one problem, but, a much bigger contributor to declining eyesight as a plague worldwide is the use of Mercury, in the form of thimerosal, as a preservative in vaccines. I must admit that it is cheap and effective for that purpose even if ultimately crippling and even deadly.
    Simple question: Do vaccines prevent plague or cause plague???

  4. COVID IS A COVER for:
    Worry about the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) we are in, and; the Super Grand Solar Minimum (SGSM) it is a part of. Covid is a cover for the natural change in earth weather cycles precipitated by our sun. The GSM we are in, Solar Cycle (SC) 25, is part of the SGSM composed of 3 SC back to back. Our global temp has already dropped almost 2C, since the start of SC25 in June 2020, which is one of the characteristics of a GSM. The GSM and SGSM is characterized by shorter, hotter summers, longer, colder winters and erratic spring and fall compared to what we are used to the last 5 to 6 decades. In the worst of this period we will see temps and conditions equivalent, at least, to the Maunder Minimum of 1642-1715 AD.

    This has been known for some time by NOAA, NASA and most alphabet agencies and atmospheric trackers. For several decades Dr. Valentina Zharkova has been modeling the dual magnetic fields of both the north and south hemispheres of our sun. Her models have produced confirmation of what many others have thought for decades. That Environment Canada, for one agency, is obfuscating historical records and misreporting weather on a daily basis, should be sufficient to cause suspicion.

    That almost every Capital city in the world is hardening their infrastructure for bureaucrats should also speak loudly. That an artificial pandemic, famine, war and the death of billions is currently being rolled out sequentially should cause extreme suspicion in the ongoing agenda of National and Global governments as well as wealthy who want to live forever as cyborgs. If this brings to mind the Book of Revelations it should.

    What Dr. Mercola will do with this knowledge is unknown but it is likely he will keep it to himself. Just like the Queen, the Pope, BlackRock, the Rothschilds, etc.

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