BC Overdose deaths 30% Higher than BC Covid deaths

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Since 2020, there have been 4,381 deaths by overdose from toxic drugs in BC. In that same time, the province has seen 3,011 deaths attributed to Covid-19. Johnson & Johnson awarded $93.8 billion for their support.

By Gabriel Sinduda
For NYCBC News

Nobody in mainstream media seemed willing to do the math. But it’s easy to do. So I did it.

This chart and these numbers regarding Covid-associated deaths in BC since 2020 are from the BC government’s own data:

From the beginning of January, 2020 through to April 2, 2022 — according to our province’s government stats, we see a number of 3,011 deaths attributed to Covid-19. We know also from the stats that about 90% of those deaths are among those aged over 80 years old and with at least one comorbidity, in fact three comorbidities on average. Not to sound cold and heartless, but mortality by Covid has been generally limited to those among us who were already on their way out, more or less. In fact it has been discovered that the average age of mortality from Covid is actually on average beyond the general, average age of mortality.

Now let’s compare the number of total Covid deaths to the current death count (mortality) by overdose deaths, in BC. For the last eight or nine years we have witnessed an epidemic of overdose cases by toxic drug supplies, across Canada. British Columbia is seeing the very worst of it. More than 9,400 British Columbians lost to toxic illicit drugs since 2016. Contrary to the stigma that is attached to overdose deaths, the majority of those deaths (78%) are among males aged 30 to 49 years old. So far in 2022 about 39% of those have been over 50 years old. These are not lost and desperate ‘street junkies’ in the classic sense that so many have been misguided to believe, over the years. They are more often men with familial and workplace responsibilities. They are sons, and fathers, and brothers, and husbands. Lost in their prime to a problem created in large part by Johnson & Johnson. That drug company, one of the beneficiaries of the Covid-19 vaccine bonanza, most recently finalized nationwide (U.S.) settlements over their role in the opioid addiction, to the tune of $26 billion.

Just to be clear, I share with you below but one recent example of a tragic loss, from overdose, due to the toxic drug supply:

Now let’s have a look at the total number of deaths in BC due to the toxic drug supply crisis, over the same time period (ie. since the beginning of 2020 to early April, 2022):

That’s a total of 4,381 deaths due to toxic drug supply overdose. Brought to us by Johnson & Johnson. The same company now dishing out billions in reparations for this ongoing nightmare, and yet the nightmare continues, for many, with current monthly death counts even topping those of earlier years.

And what are we to make of this? How does this look, on our government and their public health officials, like Bonnie Henry, and Adrian Dix? Are we allowed to ask the obvious questions, yet?

We could shut down our entire economy and put everyone’s lives on hold to tackle a so-called pandemic. But somehow, our public health authorities, with all the powers that’s been granted them, are at a complete loss and failure to stem this ongoing epidemic of deaths by toxic drug overdose. All this, despite the fact that the mortality rate and death count of that pandemic pales against the ongoing epidemic of drug overdoses that continues to soar, with no end in sight. And meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson profits continue to soar, as well:

The corporation found to be the largest multinational player feeding the toxic drug supply overdose epidemic earned $93.8 billion in 2021 and is on track to break that record for 2022. The same public health officials who would mandate their ineffectual toxic products for public use (presumably to curb Covid) can seemingly not do anything to even slow the epidemic of overdoses that continues today.

Now how’s that, for sick?


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  1. OK, you win! Instead of hangings for Government Minions, I mean Ministers, Medical Officers, Incompetent ‘Health’ care providers, re: the Covid fiasco fraud, let’s go with
    Death by Injection. Let’s say 4 jabs of Certified Thimerosal Pfizer in one afternoon, or until death; whichever comes first. Just kidding! NOT!

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