Worrying Reports of Canadian Stillbirths

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By Celeste McGovern
As published in Lifesite News

In Canada, there have been whistleblower reports claiming spiking stillborn death rates after COVID injections. A retired doctor in British Columbia, Dr. Mel Bruchet, claimed in November that he was told by doulas that there had been 13 stillbirths in a 24-hour period at the Lion’s Gate Hospital in Vancouver. A grandmother whose grandbaby was stillborn at the hospital tweeted November 21: “My daughter got that damned poison vaccine one month ago because she couldn’t go to a restaurant, and people were freaking out because that she was unvaxxed. I want to sue the government.” The message was scrubbed from Twitter.

Dr. Daniel Nagase, an Alberta doctor who was ordered to leave his Alberta hospital for treating three COVID patients (all of whom who went home from hospital alive) with ivermectin, told a reporter that he had been informed of 86 stillbirths in Waterloo, Ontario between January and July.

“Normally, it’s only five or six stillbirths every year. So, about one stillbirth every two months is the usual rate,” he said. “So, to suddenly get to 86 stillbirths in six months, that’s highly unusual. But, the most important confirmation that we have from the Waterloo, Ontario report was that all of the [mothers of the] 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated.”

Fuzzy fact-checks

Media and hospitals immediately decried the claims as misinformation, but their “fact-checks” did not actually refute them. They provided data from the “last fiscal year,” or from April to August.

“Data specifically from Lions Gate Hospital could not be disclosed due to privacy reasons,” said Global News. They gave not-so-reassuring statements from doctor like, “There is a growing body of evidence that the vaccination is safe.” The “growing body of evidence” is clearly coming from the pregnant women and their babies themselves who are the clinical trial.

Factcheck quoted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website which confirms this, stating that, according to the CDC, “the benefits of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine outweigh any known or potential risks of vaccination during pregnancy” (emphasis added). That’s cover-your-butt language. We are not responsible until we know there is a problem or until we see a potential risk realized.

‘You will die in ICU’

When independent MP Rick Nicholls raised a question about stillbirths in the Ontario legislature, the minister of health only replied that the CDC and Food and Drug Administration are recommending the jabs.

“She didn’t even answer properly, just repeated what all the other puppets always say, ‘it’s safe,’” commented one mother, Chané Neveling. “This makes me so mad. I just had my baby girl in July [and] the amount or pressure I felt from my doctors to get the [vaccine] while pregnant almost made me go against my morals and I almost got it. My OBGYN’s exact words to me were ‘you are stupid for not getting it. You will die in ICU.’”

If doctors are fearmongering like that to patients, is it unreasonable to think there is at least a problem of under-reporting of adverse events following vaccination? What doctor who is so dogmatic about his latest pharma cocktail is going to consider (let alone admit) there could be a problem with it?

There are 3,604 reports of spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths, and neonate deaths on the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) through December 10, 2021. These include thousands of miscarriages and early pregnancy losses shortly after injection of experimental gene-modifying mRNA COVID vaccines; reports of babies that abruptly stop growing, or experience a stroke in utero; of malformed babies; a baby dying from an inflamed placenta; and a baby born fatally bleeding from its mouth, nose, and lungs. A surprising number of these reports note that there was no autopsy done and admit “no further information.” It’s as if public health doesn’t want to know what caused these babies to die – even if there are plenty of reasonable theories to explain why these events might be occurring.

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