National Post Disinformation Warns of Russian Disinformation

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The goal, they say, is to seed doubt about the “official Canadian narrative” around Moscow’s war against Ukraine

By Gabriel Sinduda
For NYCBC News

Have a quick read of this latest work of propaganda from the National Post:
Russian troll farms aiming disinformation war at Canadian anti-vaxxers: Global Affairs expert.

According to this word-pack of nonsense, those of us who would be critical of government mandates for vaccines are also more than likely to be tapped by Moscow agents conspiring to turn Canadian nationals against the allied war interests backing Ukraine vs. Russia as playing out now in the Balkans.

Russian-sponsored disinformation is trying to exploit one of Canada’s most divisive issues to shape opinions here about its invasion of Ukraine, says a top Global Affairs Canada expert on the topic.

That’s how author Tom Blackwell launches this barely disguised propaganda. We know the corporate media are all members of the Gospel of the Single Truth chorus, so no surprise there.

For authentication of this drivel he taps ‘expert’ Philippe-André Rodriguez, deputy director of the department’s Centre for International Digital Policy. Who knew that beneath Mr. Rodriguez’s credentials in policy development he hides an additional expertise in global, criminal espionage rings?

Philippe warns us:

The goal is to seed doubt about the official Canadian narrative around Moscow’s war against Ukraine, he said during a recent webinar organized by an Oxford University alumni group.

So, just as there was one official narrative for Covid and the pandemic, now there is but one official narrative for the war against Ukraine. And so the likely targets for these doubt-sowers are those same no-good Canadians already aligned with anti-vaxxers. Yes, they are surely the intended dupes of those evil Moscow disinformation agents:

“That could be communities that already have a high level of distrust for the Canadian government (such as) having links with anti-vax communities,” he said. “(Russian operatives) are targeting these kinds of communities and making these links, saying the government is lying about COVID-19 and that they’re lying at the same time when it comes to Ukraine…. We’ve seen that quite a bit.”

Philippe-André Rodriguez, it should be known, is a Yale and Rhodes scholar who served as senior advisor at Canada’s Privy Council Office on issues related to digital, platforms, and artificial intelligence. He gave what can only be classified as a wholly-WEF-inspired presentation as part of the 2018 United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights entitled, Disruptive technology II: What does automation mean for human rights due diligence? (In fact, he presumes, as forgone conclusion, Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution as his dystopic vision for the future, and makes this his presentation’s point of launch. Read for yourself here.)

This is clap-trap enough, but your astute reader will recognize quickly that there is more to this article than just a rant in favour of Canada’s official narrative. It’s a set-up for the Trudeau Liberal’s Bill C-18 in the works to censor and criminalize online news media that doesn’t fit their official narrative:

Rodriguez also said Russian disinformation is being amplified by social media sites’ algorithms, which may require some kind of government intervention to counter.

When we know that these tactics are really about control of the narrative. Their narrative, of course.
Glenn Greenwald cuts to the quick on this point of intervention (a.k.a. censorship) here:

No matter that dropping blame on Russian agents in defense of everything and anything that might suggest outright corruption and deceits at the highest levels of acting governments has become the laughing stock of genuine, upstanding news and media critics everywhere:

See Matt Taibibi’s 10 Ways to Call Something Russian Disinformation Without Evidence
And Glenn Greenwald calls out censorship of dissenting views about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

We can count on our corporate media to keep plying this ruse until they switch up for other scapegoats. From ISIS to Al Quaeda to Weapons of Mass Destruction to North Korea to Covid to Russia, they will always have some new Axis of Evil (or Access to Bullshit) from which they can assign blame, and guilt, to sow seeds of division, as a means to foster the sad endings they have in store for us. This is a criminal gambit they are playing. Our only recourse at the present is to turn them off entirely, and to share critical overviews, like this one, as widely as possible. While we still can.




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  1. It is not particularly unusual that within seconds of reading ‘says a top Global Affairs Canada expert on the topic.’ that I received a call from someone coming to meet these bureaucrats. What does that mean?
    Stay tuned to find out!

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