Malcolm Roberts, Australian Senator: “We have been misled”

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Malcolm Roberts, Australian Senator, begins his address thusly:

Tonight I’m speaking to this Parliament’s therapeutic response to Covid-19, and its horrific medical harm and loss of life in that response…Covid vaccine injuries are hidden behind anonymous government data while Covid virus supposed harm is splashed across prime time…

And he goes from there. Have a watch (9:36):


1 thought on “Malcolm Roberts, Australian Senator: “We have been misled”

  1. The room is empty except for the chair and a secretary!
    This is how useless, incompetent and incapable Senators in OZ, and CAN, are.
    The only man in Australia, apparently, with a set of working testicles; speaking to an empty chamber.
    Take the rest of the Senators out and hang them by the neck until dead. Same goes for Canada. Except of course, as long as they are doing the will of the Church, the Bureaucracy, the Banks, and, the Corps(es) that will never transpire. Worldwide pandemic is nothing more than a bought and paid for judiciary, as most parliamentarians are liars, I mean lawyers, or both, who have no moral responsibility except to their bank account(s). Especially the foreign ones.
    For anyone not paying attention let me be perfectly clear: We are on the verge of the Apocalypse, you know, in the Bible, on your shelf, which you have never actually read through.
    Estimated deaths from starvation by the end of this year are now one quarter billion. Next year? Another Billion, at least. Probably much more by the end of 2023. That is from famine. Then we have disease, whether man made, mandated, or incidental to man, and woman’s, sexual proclivities.
    And then, we have WAR!
    Does anyone really think that Putin, representing the Knight slaying the Dragon of Rome, will NOT prosecute this to the end of civilization? If necessary?
    Think again!
    This Senator is speaking to anyone with ears to ear.
    The writing is on the wall. At least until that wall is blown up!

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