Twitter All Atwitter over Toronto Star LOL Fake News

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Gabriel Sinduda

Leave it to the Toronto Star to publish a story that is not a story at all, but a review of an obscure research paper, as published in a medical journal. And for some reason, it took three reporters to complete the task. It references this study just published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that uses modeling to conclude that the “unvaccinated” among us (ie. those who chose for whatever reason not to participate in the mRNA experiment) are putting those who are vaccinated at greater risk.

Now isn’t that already something like the most desperate feat of unprofessional journalism you can just about imagine? That was my thought, when I came upon the ‘story’. I mean, just look at that headline. It makes you want to laugh out loud. It surely doesn’t merit an ounce of critical review or push-back, it’s just too–stupid.

But okay, here’s a wee quick bit of investigative pushback, courtesy of Andy Lee. Below is a Declaration of Interests from David N. Fisman, the lead researcher and modeling fetishist on the featured study. Turns out he’s received past payments from Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, and WE Charity Foundation, among others. Once upon a time, this was called a Conflict of Interest.

And here’s David Fisman on the Twitter record in 2021 modeling gloom and so many deaths, which, well, turned out not to be the case, at all:

But, just the same–I wondered…what if…what if the Star’s ingenuous propaganda effort was working as they’d hoped? What if this headline were to spark anew some current of public outrage and pandemonium, blazing a frenzied witch-hunt to tap the heinous unvaxed vermin, once and for all?

So I did what anybody would do, to gauge the public response. I took to Twitter. And my relief was palpable: A three to one ratio of comments to likes. The live updates are bound to grow from these numbers in the screenshot below.

On a mainstream article that usually means one thing. Sure enough, the comments were unanimous in their position. Not of praise, but of parody. And that makes for some redemptive scrolling. I share a heap of them here below, for your LoL pleasure. But be sure to visit the thread to read or add your own voice to the heap. Good times!

2 thoughts on “Twitter All Atwitter over Toronto Star LOL Fake News

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my theory that the people who got the vaccine, and are proud of it, and have to defend their position, are not stupid, or sick, or NORMAL, but ARE totally retarded from day one of their vaccination AND as a result of their vaccination. Before that they were just deceived. There is no other rational conclusion. These poor people must be treated with kid gloves or their heads may explode. Be prepared to duck! On the other hand, the proponents of vaccination for Covid from the beginning, like Ford, Trudeau, Watson, et al, are vicious NAZI’s who just want to rape and kill and torture because they were abused as children. These people need healing. Try sunshine and clean water!

    1. Too true! It would certainly appear to me some accord between sound health, appreciation for nature, and ‘vaccine’ hesitancy. Go figure that 😉

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