National Post: Covid vaccine side-effects, injuries, deaths all “Myth”

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In fact any question about their effectiveness and safety is also the stuff of myth

By Gabriel Sinduda

There are several definitions of “myth” but likely the one that Leger Analytics and the National Post are using in this piece of published garbage jouralism would be “an unfounded or false notion”…I guess?

In a survey compiled by analytics giant Leger for the Association for Canadian Studies and the University of Manitoba during the middle of March 2022, Canadians were presented with a list of nine COVID-related myths and were asked whether they were true, false or if the respondents simply don’t know.

According to the report, 3000 individuals were polled, with one in eight Canadians found to “believe vaccine myths” and another one in five found to be “unsure”.

The most widely held myths, according to the poll, are that “researchers rushed the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, so its effectiveness and safety cannot be trusted” and that “the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine are dangerous.”

So here we get a glimpse of how mainstream legacy media is adamant, if desperate, in their trajectory, going forward, to continue their intentional push of misinformation and propaganda in support of their lame-duck and fast-sinking official narrative.

It’s one thing for these criminals to try to minimize the great wake of injury and death that has trailed the Covid-19 mRNA vaccination experiment. But to dismiss all of the many claims on the record, as pure myth? Now how sick is that?

The Machine is working hard to keep their narrative above water. Corporate garbage media like the National Post will forever be there like a lifeboat for their command. That’s all we need to take away from this.

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