The Façade Finally Cracks

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The British Medical Journal Calls Out a Culture of Corruption

By Sean Arthur Joyce

“The lie laid bare, the masks of power / cracked, blue backlit screens split open…”[1]

1. A Culture of Corruption

The façade has finally, fatally cracked. If we were in denial as a culture before Covid that the medical-scientific complex is, in Dr. Shiv Chopra’s words, “corrupt to the core,”[2] we are no longer. Chopra was referring to Health Canada after an exhausting, years-long battle simply for the right to have his scientific expertise taken at face value. So much for “follow the science.” When asked by his government handlers “Whom do you consider to be your client?” Chopra answered: “The public, of course.” “No, it is the industry,” answered the bureaucrat.[3]

Simply by refusing to sign off on bovine growth hormone for use in the dairy industry, Chopra saw his career stalled and eventually ended. He had begun his career seduced by the innocent lure of pure science, only to find he was unable to practice it in his new homeland of Canada. Inspired by Gandhi’s adage that “civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes corrupt,”[4] Chopra put his career on the line for the sake of scientific and personal integrity. The ongoing Pfizer data dump is revealing just how corrupt the system is, how desperately it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

It thus comes as a pleasant surprise that the editors at the very heart of the medical Establishment—the British Medical Journal—are not only listening, but joining the chorus calling out the Emperor as naked.[5] Referring obliquely to the Pfizer trial data release, the BMJ states: “The release into the public domain of previously confidential pharmaceutical industry documents has given the medical community valuable insight into the degree to which industry sponsored clinical trials are misrepresented. Until this problem is corrected, evidence based medicine will remain an illusion.”[6]

In another scathing editorial, the BMJ in January 2022 demanded that all vaccine trial data be released, noting that, “Pharmaceutical companies are reaping vast profits without adequate independent scrutiny of their scientific claims. The purpose of regulators is not to dance to the tune of rich global corporations and enrich them further; it is to protect the health of their populations. We need complete data transparency for all studies, we need it in the public interest, and we need it now.”[7] As Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Ryan Cole state: “Withholding data is fraud.”[8] Part of the withheld data from Pfizer included proof that their ‘vaccines’ did not prevent patients from getting Covid-19.[9] In its latest editorial the BMJ again doesn’t mince words:

 “Medicine is largely dominated by a small number of very large pharmaceutical companies that compete for market share, but are effectively united in their efforts to expanding that marketScientific progress is thwarted by the ownership of data and knowledge because industry suppresses negative trial results, fails to report adverse events, and does not share raw data with the academic research community. Patients die because of the adverse impact of commercial interests on the research agenda, universities, and regulators… What confidence do we have in a system in which drug companies are permitted to “mark their own homework”rather than having their products tested by independent experts as part of a public regulatory system?” [10]

The editorial goes on to explain about “KOLs,” Key Opinion Leaders, which—rather than being the marketing executives or minor celebrities, turn out to be physicians themselves. At least those with the right prescribing history. “Instead of acting as independent, disinterested scientists and critically evaluating a drug’s performance, they become what marketing executives refer to as “product champions.” Not doctors. Not healers. Not even healthcare workers. “Product champions.” That accurately describes what our regulatory agencies have become, as Chopra was shocked to discover.

A New York Times article[11] revealed that CDC officials “admit that they have data that goes beyond this VAERS data,” that they’ve been hiding data on vaccine injuries in order to prevent “vaccine hesitancy.”[12] It quotes Samuel Scarpino, managing director of Pathogen Surveillance at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Pandemic Prevention Institute as saying: “The steps that it takes to get something like this released are often well outside of the control of many of the scientists who work at the CDC.” Again, as the BMJ so aptly puts it, “Scientific progress is thwarted by the ownership of data and knowledge… Patients die because of the adverse impact of commercial interests on the research agenda, universities, and regulators…”  

The educational establishment does no better in the BMJ’s latest editorial. “The corporate university also compromises the concept of academic leadership. Deans who reached their leadership positions by virtue of distinguished contributions to their disciplines have in places been replaced with fundraisers and academic managers, who are forced to demonstrate their profitability or show how they can attract corporate sponsors. While universities fail to correct misrepresentations of the science from such collaborations, critics of industry face rejections from journals, legal threats, and the potential destruction of their careers.”[13] Critics like Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Charles Hoffe, Stephen Malthouse, Jay Battacharya, John Ioannidis… people who risked everything for the sake of truth and integrity.

In the concluding passages of Dr. Mark McDonald’s new book, United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis, he proposes a radical restructuring of the entire edifice of science and medicine. The book’s cover says it all: The busiest place on Earth—Times Square, still lit up with gaudy billboards but devoid of humans, like an abandoned stage set. And millions of lives quietly off-set, irreparably damaged. McDonald calls for a “complete overhaul” of the medical research complex. “An entirely new, independent medical journal system must be developed, along with new professional medical organizations that actually represent their constituents… Physicians and scientists will need to build an open-source, peer-reviewed journal system that is not bought or influenced by partisan groups.”[14] Like McDonald, the BMJ has its own proposals for reform:

…liberation of regulators from drug company funding; taxation imposed on pharmaceutical companies to allow public funding of independent trials; and, perhaps most importantly, anonymised individual patient level trial data posted, along with study protocols, on suitably accessible websites so that third parties, self-nominated or commissioned by health technology agencies, could rigorously evaluate the methodology and trial results. With the necessary changes to trial consent forms, participants could require trialists to make the data freely available. The open and transparent publication of data are in keeping with our moral obligation to trial participants—real people who have been involved in risky treatment and have a right to expect that the results of their participation will be used in keeping with principles of scientific rigour.”[15]

2. The Right Side of the Mirror

With pharmaceutical corporations amassing record levels of wealth in recent decades, as the BMJ admits, their shopping spree has included entire regulatory agencies. The great irony of capitalism is that the more powerful individual oligarchs get, the fewer rights the rest of us suddenly have. As McDonald implies, you end up in a hazy underworld where society’s entire ethical soul is inverted in mirror image, where greed is truly considered good, and therefore having more sickness is good, and death—well, even death is a profitable business these days. For the life of me I couldn’t have imagined, as a young man, that the lefty values I espoused then would turn into the dystopian nightmare of the past two years. But then, we were well groomed for it in recent decades, thanks to government intelligence agencies and behavioural experts.

As I’ve said in some of my introductions to Words from the Dead, in the West, it starts with the Huxleyan approach of Brave New World—everyone gets a nice fridge full of cold beer, a widescreen TV, and all the junk food you can eat—Oh, and hey! Free drugs on payday! Then, we watched it go from a gently suggestive, “Two weeks to flatten the curve,” to “three months to flatten the curve,” to only being let out into prison exercise yard during the summer, knowing full well that September will bring yet another crushing lockdown. It started with the suggestive “social distancing,” and obsessive hand sanitizing and made its way to voluntary masks, then mandatory masks, and voluntary vaccination to “Get the shot or lose your job, your pension, everything.” From the velvet glove of Huxleyan dystopia to the boot-in-your-face Orwellian dystopia—and back again. No wonder so many of us have cognitive whiplash. No wonder suicides, suicidal ideation among youths, and drug overdoses are all up over the past two years.

Somebody needs to PAY for all the damages to individuals and society. Strip them bare. Strip them to the bone and put them in cages, far, far away from normal humans. As Dr. Paul Alexander says, “this is way past simple mistakes.” Investigative journalist Brad Nickerson demonstrates how the government of Canada actively deceived the public on the status of the Comirnaty ‘vaccine.’ Under Part C, Division 8 of the Food and Drug Regulations – New Drugs, explains Nickerson, classification of the Comirnaty injection as an approved “new drug” means a drug: “(a) … that has not been sold as a drug in Canada for sufficient time and in sufficient quantity to establish in Canada the safety and effectiveness of that substance for use as a drug.”[16] And as Pfizer’s trial data has shown, they were aware of more than 1,200 adverse reactions to their mRNA injections well before they were rolled out in public.

Dr. Alexander makes the case for treating the perpetrators as the criminals they are: “Anyone who did wrong in this COVID, under Trump and Biden, anyone, anyone who profited, anyone who abused their position and anyone who costed (sic) lives, must sit in a jail cell for some time. This is part of the healing, not simple mea culpas. No ride off into the sunset with a golden parachute. We want jail!”[17] As Naomi Wolf has indicated, a team of 82 lawyers are combing over the 55,000 pages of documents force-leaked by a US judge, seeking grounds for lawsuits.[18] Many of us will be cheering on all the families hurt by these jabs, to see the innocent cared for and the evil packed off to jail for life with no hope of parole. Big Pharma may just find that their magic Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card suddenly goes up in a puff of smoke. I had to laugh when Pfizer pleaded a “lack of resources” to release the material before 75 years, after raking in the highest profits in all of history from their experimental Covid injections. Eight billion dollars in the first quarter alone. If only I had such a “lack of resources”! How quickly we forget these people are repeat offenders, criminals. How deep the corruption goes. Chopra pointed the way for us long before Covid.

Confirming Dr. Alexander’s contention, history testifies in such precedents as the Nuremberg Trials that a simple mea culpa won’t do. The punishment must fit the crime. Then the rest of us can get on with living, trusting that humans have made their way on this Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, with the most primitive to the most ‘advanced’ technologies. And as David Wengrow and the late David Graeber point out in The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity, archaeology now proves that human societies have thrived within all kinds of social structures.[19] The fallacy of the linear model of social development is clear. The same is true of technological ‘progress.’ The ever-upward evolutionary trajectory of humanity has proven to be a myth. If anything, history is full of wrong turns, reverses, and just plain backward phases, like now, though these are often dressed up by propagandists as glittering periods. Still, history proves them to be fashionable, but empty, directionless epochs. What The Dawn of Everything reveals is that humans are endlessly creative if left to their own devices, and do quite nicely without some massive authority structure pressing down on them.

Interestingly, recent finds in Egypt at the Temple of Giza by archaeologists have unearthed in the desert sands an entire small city that would have housed the workers and artisans of the pyramid. Bones from cattle and pigs along with other food residues prove that these people were not living in ghettoes or forced labour camps. They were enjoying high quality protein and beer, living in comfortable if humble houses, and within walking distance of work every day.[20]Just as JFK struck the spark of inspiration for the US to reach the moon by the end of the 1960s, on the basis of this new archaeological evidence one begins to think of Pharaoh as more of a Kennedy than a Stalin. One can imagine him saying, “This great edifice will resound to the glory of all the people who built it as much as to her Pharaoh. Every chiseled mark in stone will live through the ages long after your names are dust. But your touch will remain.” One can imagine the pride of a nation, not coerced, but feeling a sense of collective pride over a truly remarkable achievement.

Graeber and Wengrow’s thorough overview of state-of-the-art anthropology and archaeology make it clear that societies have often created both monumental structures and harmonious societies in the absence of authoritarian governments. They quote prehistorian Johannes Müller as stating: “Both the ability of non-literate societies to agglomerate in huge population groups under rural conditions of production, distribution, and consumption, and their ability to avoid unnecessary social pyramids and instead practice a more public structure of decision making, reminds us of our own possibilities and abilities.”[21] The centralization of society under a constant surveillance state is neither desirable nor an inevitability.

Once the paralysis of fear finally passes from a critical mass of people, we can stop being afraid of one another for no reason. We can remember that we are all in the human adventure together, regardless of where we are on this planet. We don’t need anyone controlling us or doing our thinking for us. Our ancestors into distant antiquity have enriched the human sphere of knowledge at a collective unconscious level. We don’t need what Albert Camus called “a comedy of experts”[22] telling us how to do things, mistaking the fantasies of computer modeling for reality. It all starts with turning off the TV or device in your hand and going outside for a long walk, just for the sake of it. Breathe the air without your mask. Smile at others as they pass. Better yet, compliment someone on their smile. Let the kids and dogs run free in the park. Bathe your spirit in their laughter and joy.

It’s a small step toward a better world. But as the old adage goes, every journey starts with a single step. I write this on Easter weekend—for thousands of years, a time of renewal and seasonal celebration—a season of renewed growth and hope.

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As originally published in Sean’s Newsletter.

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