Latest Liberal Pushback to continue Canadian Travel Ban

Covid National Politics

Canada the only country in the world to perpetuate unvaccinated ban from flying or train travel, despite all research, science, and international opinion

2 thoughts on “Latest Liberal Pushback to continue Canadian Travel Ban

  1. Just tell him to go fuck Trudeau and then he will reintroduce whatever Trudeau inseminated him with when fucking him. Thus he, and Trudeau, will liquidate themselves and we won’t have to worry about it.
    Pardon my Greek but Canadians, and NOTCBC, need to step up to the plate.
    You only have to look out the window to see that Yahweh is cleansing the earth and allowing our idiotic warmongering to assist in the process.
    Yahweh can resurrect whatever HE wants. Or NEEDS. Does he need you???
    I guarantee, as we will see, he does not need thee or me.

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