Watch: Colonel Douglas Macgregor debunks Ukraine Russia war lies

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Contrary to the remarkably unanimous chorus of warmongering heard by retired general officers on MSM everywhere, Colonel Macgregor shares his honest appraisals and insights into the Ukraine-Russia war.


Who do you think is really in control, if anyone, of Ukraine policy, in the White House right now?

Colonel Douglas Macgregor:

Well, I don’t think the Ukrainians are, per sé, in control of what’s happening in Kiev, anymore than most Americans are in control of what’s happening in Washington. There are two points I’d like to make. The first one is, whenever you have such unanimity, in the American and Western media, and you have such brilliant timing, such that a piece of news comes out, like what’s happened in Bucha,  it comes out and there’s this enormous explosion, it’s almost volcanic, of hate and criticism and stories supporting all of this against the Russians, that bursts on the scene, almost immediately. All at roughly the same time. And all of the retired general officers come on, and with no exception, say virtually all the same thing.

And when that happens, I step back and I’m extremely suspicious and very skeptical, because I’ve seen this before. I saw it in the run-up to the Iraq war, back in 2002 and 2003. I saw it in the Balkans, with regard to what happened in Bosnia and subsequently in Kosovo. So it looks like we have a similar strategy now.

And the second part of this, is the disinformation campaign, which is very sophisticated, and it’s being run I think largely by us, in the West, primarily Washington and maybe MI6 in London, but it’s certainly not the creature of people sitting in Kiev. I don’t think that’s the case at all. But they’re clearly responding to this, we’re working hand in glove with them…Now how much of it is us and how much of it is them? I think it’s mostly us, and I think we have someone in the form of Mr. Zelenski, who really satisfies our requirement to bleed the Russians. Unfortunately he’s bleeding Ukraine, and Ukrainians. And that’s the bad news…

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