Bonnie Henry Trial Confirmed for 40 Days in Spring 2023

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By Gabriel Sinduda

The Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science and Public Policy
is taking Bonnie Henry and her mandates to a court in British Columbia. There have already been seven hearings of this case, all under the radar of the corporate mainstream media (MSM). Most recently, a court judge rejected a late bid by the BC government to throw out the case.

So now the trial date is confirmed!

The trial date is set for April 17, 2023 and it is expected to be a 40 day trial. Bonnie Henry is expected to be on the stand for seven hours, in her desperate bid to draw science out of her ruinous rampage of public health policies.

The certification hearing date is set for June 20, 2022.

Plain updates on this development will not be found in corporate news anywhere, but for this we can all turn to – which also happens to be the site for The Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science and Public Policy, the non-profit society that is backing this legal challenge.

More about the CSASPP here:


As you are undoubtedly aware, British Columbians are in an unprecedented situation. The COVID-19 measures have taken their toll on businesses, individuals, and the public treasury.

The measures appear to be incrementally draconian. An astronomically low infection fatality ratio (IFR); testing kits producing false positives for a goat, papaya and a kiwidubious exercise of executive powers; the mysterious near disappearance of the common seasonal flu; or an overall lack of an adequate evidential foundation is increasingly being questioned by legal scholars, private citizens, small business owners and their patrons, physicians, nurses, the scientists selling the testsinfectious disease epidemiologists and academics, pharmacists, community leaders, public officials, places of public worship, and civil liberty advocacy groups. Further, the evidence of harm as a result of these measures in Canada and similar in the United States is overwhelming.

Who are we?

The Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy (CSASPP) is a non-profit, non-partisan, secular, crowd funded, and volunteer driven organization that was created in response to popular community demand for a direct action initiative to counter BC’s COVID-19 related measures.

CSASPP’s approach engages the very premise of an alleged emergency. Without an emergency, there can be no basis for extraordinary executive powers, including everything that required or benefited from one. We filed our proposed class action on your behalf on 26 January, 2021, and intend to continue aggressively prosecuting it. Under the civil rules, Dr. Bonnie Henry must personally submit to answering our questions while under oath.

Our civil proceeding’s objectives are to obtain any available civil remedy for the maximum number of British Columbians that revert in whole or in part any COVID-19 related statute, ministerial order, regulation, or other executive, regulatory, or legislative measure; past, extant, or proposed; that constrain any activity of any person inadequately supported by either science or law; and that may facilitate that person’s subsequent pursuit of a civil remedy brought against, with preference towards the natural over the legal, any other person complicit in the consultation, enactment, or enforcement of said.

If you are a business owner or individual in British Columbia, we are already advocating for you. You can use our website to learn more about our progress, tools to help businesses obtain relief from their insurers, and how to deal with regulators and by-law enforcement.

How are we different?

Unlike other legal challenges, we do not limit our advocacy to evangelical groups, business owners, the left, the right, or any other demographic. We advocate for everyone.

But more importantly, we do not presuppose the fundamental premise that there is an emergency. Legal challenges that construct their argument upon that assumption seek relief from the court for a limited demographic on the basis that they will be well-behaved and not make the alleged pandemic worse.

This is a fatal mistake.

This argument leaves the government with the emergency card, even if a tactical victory is achieved in the best case scenario. As long as the government has the emergency card, it will always have a very strong argument for the continued exercise and abuse of extraordinary executive powers.

If a strategic victory is to be obtained, we will need to pull the rug out from under the government and force it to show its hand. This is why we are asking the court to critically examine the fundamental premise.



3 thoughts on “Bonnie Henry Trial Confirmed for 40 Days in Spring 2023

  1. It’s been under foot by the organizers for over a year already, and I bet you had no idea. Now a year is too long to wait?

  2. There are always alternative tactics and strategies to be applied in a war.
    A World War for that matter.
    In this case, in many, I would seek to find a jurisdiction ready, willing, and, able to accept and proceed with ‘Criminal Charges’. Anything from ‘Fraud’ to manslaughter, to murder. ‘Dereliction of duties’, Malfeasance of Office, and others are certainly possible.
    Seeking not damages but incarceration or Capital Punishment.

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