Russell Brand on Bill Gates: Is he Serious?

Great Reset Watch

Can there be any doubt about it, that Bill Gates is one significant player and lead architect behind the latest wave of viral bull that took the world by shit-storm?

Absolutely NO doubt, according to our NYCBC News BS monitor, which travels everywhere we go, and is always set to ON.

Russell Brand is in complete agreement:

As produced by Russel Brand

1 thought on “Russell Brand on Bill Gates: Is he Serious?

  1. Russell Brand is a Great Brand walking a fine line between truth and parody which frequently puts his life on the line. Sometimes he is funny, sometimes not so much, but he is always seriously putting his life and fame on the line. Reminds me of a famous person from 2 thousand years ago. That man exposed the criminality, or sin if you like, of Usury. Charging interest on monetary exchanges. That would include Interest, Fees, Taxes, Bribes, Extortion which all fall into the same category of ‘The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil’.
    Mr Brand does not have to go there yet but soon will. Support him while you can as you will both become criminals soon.

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