CBC False News Flashback: Covid ‘Breakthrough infections’ Extremely Rare

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‘Breakthrough infections’ among fully vaccinated Canadians just 0.5 per cent of reported cases, according to data, so no cause for alarm. This according to Senior CBC Writer Lauren Pelley in June 2021

By Gabriel Sinduda

Gone are the days of proper apologies or retractions in the corporate mainstream media. In a way though, funnily enough, this can serve us well. For it’s that easy to review their unadulterated record, in hindsight, and to point out their shoddy journalism, and to recall that they have no accountability, to the truth, whatsoever.

It was about one year ago that so-called ‘breakthrough infections’ began to appear on the radar. Breakthrough? Breakthrough what, exactly? Oh–breakthrough VACCINE infections. That is, despite one vaccination, despite two vaccinations…folks were being infected with Covid (or variant) just the same. These were described as strict anomalies, at first. They had to be, after all, given that the vaccines were just proven by the CDC to be 94% effective:

Topped by another large study, this one on behalf of the Veterans’ Association, claiming the vaccine was “more than 95% effective at preventing confirmed infection” of Covid-19:

Remember, those absolutely false claims of vaccine efficacy, that were being touted by all of those public health and government officials, all of those celebrities and stars, all of those MSM news networks, all of those bullish pro-vaccine adopters who wanted nothing more than to believe in a cohesive societal tragedy in order to upturn their desperate, ungracious lives into a self-serving cause for their new-found hobbies of health and justice? I do.

Moreover, it was around June of 2021 when a spilling-over maelstrom of such cases–infections among the vaccinated and double vaccinated– were so undeniable, with word going viral in social media, that the corporate legacy media just had to give it some treatment. Eventually even the CDC had to fess up:

Just the same, in light of this daunting phenomenon (with a rising chorus of reasonable questions and concerns, namely: the public health orders of coercive mandates are in place to enforce vaccination, and yet–what if the vaccines don’t actually work??) CBC senior writer Lauren Pelley published this article, on June 28, 2021. And in these two short paragraphs she told CBC readers not to worry, and all will be fine:

But there are two key things to keep in mind about these “breakthrough infections.” For one thing, they’re rare — making up around 0.5 per cent of reported COVID-19 cases since vaccination efforts began, the latest Canadian data shows.

And when post-vaccination infections do happen, they typically tend to be mild.

And trust the experts, she adds, when they say it’s but a blip, and the vaccines are exceeding at their job:

Experts also stress that while no vaccine offers perfect protection for every single person, the relatively infrequent examples of serious infections after full vaccination — coupled with the dramatic drop in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19 — show these vaccines are indeed doing their job, and excelling at it.

Meanwhile, the CDC made sure to take the lead and do their part to help alleviate any public panic or concerns, by conveniently limiting any study on breakthrough infections, instead choosing to focus on other, more pressing matters. Like the health of those being infected, rather than the why, or the how:

Now, can we say with certainty, that Lauren Pelley misguided CBC readers, by suggesting to them that the vaccination was indeed effective, and that ‘breakthrough infections’ were not really a thing, despite the massive trove of evidence available at the time, suggesting the vaccines in fact offered limited and fast-waning protection, if any at all?

Don’t we all surely know by now that the vaccines didn’t work? That they did not prevent transmission or infection? It was only another month or so later, in July last year, that the cat was out of the bag:

Now fast forward to today, in the news:

Yes, we are all clear on this now–most everybody will by now have been infected with some variant of Covid, whether vaccinated or not. If anything, it would appear that those vaccinated are suffering more severe symptoms and deaths from the infection. This according to a disturbing trend of news like this, out of Ontario, with the government’s own data confirming that 81% of recent Covid deaths were among the fully vaccinated (and even boostered) population.

And yet, he we have CBC’s senior writer Lauren Pelley continuing to evoke fear and paranoia in promotion of that same Covid narrative she was clinging to one year ago. Here she is again, just last month, claiming to offer CBC readers all they need to know about the latest risks of Covid. The very same reporter who informed her readers that ‘breakthrough infections’ were nothing to be concerned about, ensuring them about the safety and efficacy of those brilliant vaccines…

How does this writer continue to qualify as an ‘expert’ on health matters at the CBC? It’s easy. Very few of us bother to check back and follow up on these imposters, to review their record for accountability. And so those tenured Heathers can carry on doping their readers with fake news, with impunity.

Hopefully an article like this can help to correct the course, going forward. This record should speak for itself. Let’s be sure to tell our friends not to put their trust, or their health, in the hands of such ‘journalists’.



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  1. Talked with a woman today, 60yrs old, wondering what the fuck is going on. We came to agreement that it is what it is. What can we do? Educate those youth who still have a brain capable of independent thought. Be Brave! Hold on! Prepare to move out of the city into a small town.

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