Anti-Trudeau? Report says that Makes You a Right-wing Extremist (RWE)

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“One of the most comprehensive efforts to date to assess the scale of right-wing extremist activity online in Canada,” according to its authors, who count Anti-Trudeau sentiment and campaigns as hateful right-wing extremism

By Gabriel Sinduda

On the outset, such a study might be viewed by any casual reader as a helpful tool to assess any real, radical, right-wing extremist threats to our national security and safety. But that would all hinge on what you define to be an extremist right-wing agenda.

But this report, An Online Environmental Scan of Right-wing Extremism in Canada, published in June 2020 with support from the Canadian government, remarkably lumps anti-Trudeau sentiment right in there along with anti-Muslim terrorism and other right-wing extremist interests. As quoted from their Key Findings:

Anti-Muslim and anti-Trudeau rhetoric are
the most salient topics of conversation among

RWE actors in Canada.
On Twitter we found that
highly prolific extremist users were more likely to be

engaged in anti-Muslim conversation, and spikes in

activity often contained anti-Muslim conversation.

Similarly, on Facebook we found that Muslims were

the most widely discussed minority community,

and the most common target of posts containing

explicit hate speech (23%), with anti-Semitism being

the second largest grouping of hate speech (16%). In

addition to anti-Muslim activity we found that anti-

government sentiment was a highly salient topic in

RWE circles. Justin Trudeau was mentioned in 11.4%

of posts made by RWE Facebook pages and groups,

and was the most frequent topic of videos made by

RWE YouTube channels, accounting for 28% of all

content analysed. An anti-Trudeau Twitter campaign

was linked to the third largest spike in Twitter activity

that we identified.

Now, let’s think about this for a moment. We know that the current Trudeau Liberal government has generated an agreement of mutual support with the NDP,  and so they expect to pass upcoming bills, not just one bill, but two, controlling news and related content, whether on cable networks, or via media on the net. We know that the underlying inferred pretense of those Bills is to control the output of news providers, and to prevent any outliers, like Right Wing Extremists, from the ability to post content or promote campaign materials online.

So if a government wished to curtail any criticism of self (imagine such a thing!) all they might have to do is publish such a study (or back it, at least) and then point to this study, that clearly implicates anti-Trudeau sentiment with Right Wing Extremism, and Presto! you now have grounds to censor and eliminate those pesky interlopers who might well count themselves as upstanding civic-minded citizens of a democracy…but nonetheless.

CTV News and other corporate Canadian news outlets were of course happy to share the news with their audience, delivering the fear to prepare their audience for a solution:

Is right-wing extemism a real and valid concern? Should we be vigilant in rooting out those enclaves? Absolutely. No doubt about it. But counting valid antipathy like anti-Trudeau sentiment as right-wing extremism? Absolutely beyond the pale. Especially since this Prime Minister is himself on record for promoting divisions and sowing hate, as never unfurled by a PM of this country before, and as even reported by opposition MP’s and acknowledged in this country’s mainstream media:

We had best take this into account. Because this is the set-up, and this is what’s in store for us, coming soon–a news blackout on any information deemed unsafe, or unfit, for the consumption of Canadian audiences. With anti-government messaging now equated with extremist edicts like Intifadas.

Remember, Trudeau was elected with but 26% of the popular vote. Making us a country of what–about thirty million?–potentially radical extremists.

From Covid lockdowns to News & Information lockdowns … we best keep vigilant and keep watch over their next moves. Around the globe, it is already a tumultuous and polarizing time for freedom of the press. And at this rate, in Canada, how long will it be, I wonder, before we are experiencing night-time raids, arrests, and deliveries to detention centres?


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  1. So, does that make Trudee a Left Wing Extremist? I can’t keep up with all of these ‘woke’ acronyms and butchering of the English / French language(s)!

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