Bill Gates now Modeling for the Global Good

Business Technocracy

By Gabriel Sinduda

His Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, reworked into Gates Ventures since his divorce, has now fully integrated his partner in crime, Intellectual Ventures Global Good Projects, with whom he cooperated on such wonderful ‘technology’ for the benefit of all people-kind as “microneedle vaccine patches” and ““near-infrared quantum dots” which “can be implanted under the skin along with a vaccine to encode information for ‘decentralized data storage and bio-sensing.’

From this page on Intellectual Venture’s website, we learn that Bill Gates Ventures has indeed subsumed their Global Good Projects, “building on a decade of success” no less. And more:

In 2020, the Institute for Disease Modeling and aspects of Global Good were transitioned to integrate and align even more closely with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Gates Ventures. The ongoing partnership and collaboration between these organizations has had tremendous impact over the past ten years. By moving projects to be more closely aligned, the work on many of these lifesaving innovations for the people who need them most can be accelerated.

Wait. What’s that about The Institute for Disease Modeling?

Now, let’s consider this. Are we talking about the technology–the AI, the coding, the programming–that modeling, the modeling that will be used, perchance, to feed the new WHO-WEF global pandemic pact, to be the modeling that decides when and if we are to lockdown, for instance? Or when it’s time for masks? Or how far to social distance? Or when will our hospitals peak capacity? Are we talking about the modeling that decides to initiate a global pandemic alarm based on a flu-like virus? That kind of modeling?

And what’s all this about being “more closely aligned” so those very important projects–as declared by Gates to be priority for all of  humankind–“can be accelerated”? Isn’t that just jargon for fast-tracking?

These are good questions to be asking. Because, as we must recall, early Covid “expert” modelers are on record for having been “astronomically wrong” with predictions and scenarios of all sorts that never came to pass. Those way-off speculations that they called accurate and defintive modeling forecasts were in fact used as the rationale to set off a global “pandemic” alarm and all of the discriminatory mandates and lockdowns that followed in that wake.

So yes, it’s worrying that one of wealthiest oligarchs on the planet–who has a knack for passing himself off as a humanitarian, a philanthropist, and a doctor–is aligning himself now to also be the one who gets to pull the alarm.

And yet…

It’s not like the man is a saint, if you know what I mean?