Trudeau Prepares To Destroy Health Care Sovereignty With Global Pandemic Treaty

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Justin Trudeau continues to pimp out Canadian sovereignty to the highest globalist bidder.

By Brad Salzberg

According to multiple reports, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is preparing to eliminate healthcare sovereignty in Canada.

In late 2021, the Canadian Press confirmed that Liberal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos has pledged support for “the development of a new global convention on pandemic preparedness and response that will be debated at a special meeting of the World Health Assembly.”

Current Conservative Party leader candidate MP Leslyn Lewis pulls no punches in her assessment of the initiative:

The international agreement will permit the WHO to determine what a pandemic is  and when one is occurring even over something non-viral like an obesity crisis.” According to Lewis, a lawyer with international experience, the treaty will be legally binding:

“It defines and classifies what is considered a pandemic, and this could consist of broad classifications, including an increase in cancers, heart conditions, strokes, etc. If a pandemic is declared, the WHO takes over the global health management of the pandemic.“

PM Trudeau’s endorsement should surprise no one. For one thing, it’s a tactic to circumvent provincial healthcare jurisdiction. One cannot find a more dedicated globalist practitioner on the world stage than the prime minister of Canada.

Governments choosing to endorse the globalization of healthcare take on a revelatory complexion. Apart from fringe players such as Senegal and Tunisia, fundamentalist Middle Eastern nations are nowhere to be found. Not Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan–an interesting observation unto itself.

Rather, it is western democracies which dominate the WHO agenda– as it was for countries that signed the United Nation’s International Refugee Declaration some 70 years ago. Today, we witness the repercussions: Canada being responsible for the refugee problems of Middle Eastern societies.

Ceding health sovereignty to the World Health Organization, the Global Pandemic Treaty will take on a similar structure as the unhealthy of the world flock to Canadian shores.

The justification for border erosion in the name of healthcare is, of course, the Covid pandemic. Mainstream media position the development accordingly: the virus has created a need for the surrender of health sovereignty to the WHO.

In typical media fashion, it is an inversion of truth. More likely it is that Covid serves as the catalyst for healthcare assimilation in the western world. China intentionally disseminates a worldwide pandemic virus, thus establishing a need for global healthcare coordination.

The WHO has served as a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party and helped Communist China cover up info on Covid 19. The Biden admin must not give this sham of a health agency national sovereignty over the U.S. & control over Americans’ lives & health.”

Perhaps the United States will not do so, but Canada absolutely will. Justin Trudeau is the western world’s most dedicated assimilationist. In the words of close family friend pop singer Bono, Mr. Trudeau:

“Believes in the kingdom come, when all the colours will bleed into one.”

Well, perhaps not all the colours– just the ones which paint a portrait of an erasure of western national sovereignty. Mr. Trudeau has offered up Canada’s body politic to be picked away at by woke vultures since day one.

“The proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty must be stopped. It risks superseding parliamentary democracy, public health laws and human rights within 194 countries. Unelected technocrats should never decide sovereign public health policy.”

But they are, and will continue to do so. Don’t you know, Mr. James Melville? You are talking about the post-modern globalist order. One in which unelected technocrats rule the order of the day.

Back in Canada, patriots and other common sense citizens can only shake their heads in wonder. It’s not as if we have an ability to thwart global health integration, or any other Trudeau government initiative. This only occurs in  authentic democratic countries, of which Canada is no more.

Sitting helpless in front of our hockey games, we watch in shame as Justin Trudeau sells the soul of our country to the highest bidder. Not once–not for one second– has this man defended any element of national sovereignty.

For our prime minister, Canada is a cheap hooker to pimp out to WHO, WEF, and any other globalist power-monger darkening the door of a dying nation.

As published by Brad Salzberg