Very Strange Stuff … A “Reality Check” on Pizzagate


Remember Pizzagate? And how it blew up into a Fake News story that occupied MSM for months?

Given how much real news is being struck down as fake news these days, perhaps this story is worth a closer look, as well?

Before you yelp about how NYCBC News has lost all good sense and bearings, please take a breath and give this report a chance.

Back in 2017, this brave CBS reporter, Ben Swann, took a dive into the story that would never have been permitted elsewhere. In fact, this was the outcome, for his trouble (from Wikipedia):

In 2017, after his employer, CBS affiliate 46 in Atlanta, aired a Reality Check which presented the false Pizzagate conspiracy theory as potentially true, Swann was forced by WGCL to bring down his Truth in Media website and all of his social media. About a year later, he was fired when WGCL learned that Swann was planning to relaunch Truth in Media.

Have a look/listen and consider for yourself … was the “Pizzagate” story really fake news, after all? Or was it real leaked news, that got hammered down by high-placed allies of those guilty, like Jeffrey Epstein, of the most horrendous crimes against children?