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“In the end they had ignored 97% of the Covid that occurred during the trial…this trial should be deemed null and void…”


I’m sure a lot of you have already seen this breakdown of the Vaccine Trials in 6 Month-4 Years Olds, but figured I’d post it so you’d have an easy reference for sharing.

You know this is coming to Canada, as the US has already planned rolling this out over the next week. You also know that there are people who have been screaming for this, for their children.

To Protect them?

While tragic, there have been 33 COVID associated deaths in ages 0-11 in Canada, in 27 Months of pandemic, when they actually make up 2x more cases than the highest risk of mortality population – 80+:

Dare to compare?

The 0-11 years old are double the cases of the 80+ age group, and make up .13% of their mortality.

Another look at this…these 80+ are the highest in vaccinations by percentage and also highest in number of jabs, Canada now offering up to the 5th dose of this to the elderly and immunocompromised:

While the Boosted Population makes up the HIGHEST mortality of the Vaccinated Groups:

The people who have the most jabs are the highest represented in mortality.

The 0-11 are the absolute lowest on the mortality scale making up .13% of the death of the 80+, while making up 2x as many cases.

No benefit can be shown in those who need protection, why would we even consider this an option for those who are in no need?

Don’t let this happen to children.

Please share this information with your community.

All statistical information provided by Health Canada →Link

As published by Sheldon Y at Yakk Stack