Are Pollsters Hiding Trudeau’s New All-time Low Approval Rating?

National Politics

By Gabriel Sinduda

The latest Minister’s Approval Ratings from Angus Reid were due to be published this week. If their recent publishing schedule is anything to go on, those results should have been published Tuesday or Wednesday.

Is Angus Reid sitting on Trudeau’s lowest benchmarks yet? Why the delay? Surely Canadians are eager for an update on their prime minister’s latest approval and disapproval ratings?

Full disclosure: At NYCBC we tend to believe that polls are like fairy tales and science fiction; while they can make for good reading, you best not mistake them for reality.

That being said, there are many indicators (like JT hiding out with Covid, again) and growing consensus that would suggest that the man is now officially a liability for the Liberals.

In an effort to avoid an uncomfortable scenario like possibly his lowest ever approval rating (perchance?) his handlers have parlayed his deputy minister in his place. Much like pulling the goalie after five goals in the second period to avoid a humiliating third.

This set off a chain reaction, with bobble-head Freeland encountering her own terrors. And many of his cabinet ministers are attracting the kind of attention they don’t like. The shifty spotlight trick may well have back-fired as Liberals are imploding all over the place.

Here’s a look at the Angus Reid tracking on our joyous PM thus far:

And their tracking of the chameleon’s approval by province is especially telling:

Could he hit 30% approval — a new all-time low? Could he plummet even lower, into the 20’s?

Might he break record for a new all-time high disapproval rating?

Here’s to such delicious speculation. Stay tuned.