Notes from Scarberia — Dispatch #1

National Politics

“Notes from Scarberia” will run as a semi-regular column. The identity of this inner-city Canadian commentator will remain anonymous. But we believe his declarations offer illuminating grassroots insights, and political processing in plain talk, all of which can be helpful in a politically polarizing time. Brought to you by NYCBC News.

June 2022:

Yesterday they revised their vaxx mandate to include 4th booster, but I think there is exhaustion in the general populace, and so a decreasing acceptance of the mandate project . The more they push this stuff the less compliance, but I think when you factor in such things as Drag Queen story hour, massive Institutional support for migration, internet and alternative media censorship, critical race theory, and CO2 emissions, one can see they have a lot of “pokers in the fire”.

For instance, within one week of retiring the Covid narrative back in Feb. the Ukraine War was introduced and that split the dissident voices. (And on a side note , I was amazed how in lock step, and world wide, it’s just stopped, as if the previous two years was nothing at all.) What I’m saying is they have all these different narratives they easily retire only to introduce new ones, which in turn constantly keep the opposition off balanced, always shattering any cohesion just when there’s consensus coming together in opposition to any single issue.

Their assault is multi-faceted, constantly changing when traction is slipping. Personally, I am happy that since they placed a “Fat One” on the Ruskies and it back-fired, the “Uni polar Moment” was ended, so that now there is a bipolar and possibly multi polar world in terms of Power politics around the world. I think in the long run, this will weaken the influence of the Western hegemony and will weaken the “GAE”. Limit their sphere of influence to Europe/North America/Australia. But it will also mean they will increasingly focus on more control over those populations within there purview.

By the way did you see the Sikh supporters turn on Mr Jagmeet?

I mention this Jagmeet business, because re. immigrants, the Libs think they have an ally, and to a certain extent they do, but not as much as they think. Most immigrants who aren’t criminals, tend to be socially conservative and although once they enter Canada thinking free money, free health care, they soon realize that the cultural ethos that the establishment is pushing on everyone is anathema to themselves and they will turn.

Case in point, I remember back when the Wynne Liberals were in charge in Ontario, I went to a local shawarma dinner, where it was mainly populated by middle easterners. There was one sign hanging on there wall, and only that sign. It was a poster advocating for the removal of sex ed from Public School curriculum!! They were encouraging their patrons to sign a petition banning any Gay/Straight pedagogy being taught in the public schools, which at the time was all over the news, a bill was to be introduced updating the educational requirements. I was amused that the “allies” of the Cultural Marxists were not playing ball.

The support they think they have is fragile, and although in the long run the establishment thinks they will convert the newly arrived into atomized consumers with no moral compass, it won’t be as smooth as they think. Another case in point , recently there was a scheduled vote in a big district of Texas for a congressional seat, the population being vastly Latino 80%, went Republican for the first time since the 70’s when it was predominantly white. They think that by bringing immigrants this will shoe horn their dominance. A rude awakening indeed.

Post script: As it turns out that Congressional seat that was won by Mrs Flores (R-House) was even a bigger thing than I had perceived, turns out that seat has gone Democrat for 150 years!!! In other words, it was DEEP DEEP BLUE!! Oh the treachery, the abomination!!! By a LatinX of all things, the establishment must be livid, their ace in the hole has spectacularly backfired on them and no doubt they are panicky as hell. Half of them (establishment) are probably running around kicking their human furniture screaming obscenities and the other half taking heavy medicines and settling into darker thoughts for the fall election. I expect Covid style lockdowns and mail-in ballots to fix/fortify this problem … can anyone say … “Send in the Mules”…?