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You’ve heard them called “strategists” and “backroom handlers” and “those shadowy figures” – they are in fact public relations (PR) consultants, and they are paid big bucks to secure election wins, or losses

By Mr. D
November 2 /

Warren Kinsella
Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Consulting Group

Operators like Warren Kinsella, pictured above, and his Daisy Consulting Group, are hired by parties such as the Greens to “protect” Elizabeth May. And then he is hired by the Conservatives to destroy Maxime Bernier. All this for one and the same election. Which goes to show, these folks are so bi=partisan they’ll work for opposing parties in the same election. Good to know, heh?

Ever heard of Hill & Knowlton? Among their grand achievements: campaigns in the 1950s and 60s convincing the world that cigarettes were safe and even offered health benefits; and manufacturing false testimony to support the invasion of Kuwait as start of the Gulf War.

But they also support the NDP, via the leadership of Brad Lavigne, so-called “political and corporate communications strategist”. He also happened to work as a lobbyist in Ontario for the Canadian Fuels Associations.

Brad Lavigne, Hill & Knowlton’s political and corporate strategist

What do these guys do? They plot and construct narratives, they deploy Psy Ops tactics and wield the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the outcomes of election campaigns. All for a price.

Justin Trudeau’s magical buddy Gerald Butts: here, gone, back again.

Meanwhile, the Liberals took on Gerald Butts to “advise their campaign”. Yes, the same Gerald Butts, pictured above, who resigned months earlier as Trudeau’s advisor, over his role in the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Hamish Marshall, Conservative party campaign advisor

And Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives secured Hamish Marshall to “advise” their campaign. Hamish Marshall is one of the founders of the far-right website Rebel Media. He’s the guy who ran the Conservative party’s national election campaign. 

So there you have it. These are the guys who script our political party leaders’ words and promises. They are the ones who decide what policies to prioritize. They are operatives from global PR firms backed by sources of funding that comes from who knows where. And they are the ones who shape and call our elections.

For more local journalism regarding corporate “strategist” tinkering in Canadian politics, read Walt McGinnis’ reports here.

Did you elect any of these dudes? How did it come to pass, that operatives from global, for-profit corporations wield such enormous influence on our politics? And doesn’t this sort of corporate interference veto our system of democracy, for the sake of their profit-interests? Hmmm…

Maybe it’s time we pay a little more attention to these apparati of power, and their intentional dismissal of our democratic systems?

Spoiler Alert! Capitalism loses, in the end.

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